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Chrome 70 Introduces Sign-In Toggle, Lets You Delete ALL Cookies

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Just a couple of days ago, privacy-savvy eyes noticed that Chrome 69 keeps Google cookies even when the user specifically asks it to delete all cookies.

What exactly happens when the user tries to clear all cookies from Chrome 69? Chrome informs the user that they won’t be signed out of Google Account, meaning that there’s the chance that Google cookies that contain the Google Account login session won’t be deleted. The real problem is that the user is not given the option to thwart staying logged in.

Google Responds to Negative User Feedback Related to Chrome 69 Behavior

Apparently, Google was quick to respond to the unhappy users’ feedback. Chrome product manager Zake Koch said they have decided to roll these changes back and give more control over their browser behavior.

We’ve heard—and appreciate—your feedback,” he said in a blog post, explaining that Chrome is also going to make a few updates in the next release of Chrome (Version 70, released mid-October) “to better communicate our changes and offer more control over the experience”.

The upcoming changes include an “Allow Chrome sign-in” toggle setting, which will let users disable the automatic sign in to Chrome when they login to a Google service. This option was not available in Chrome 69.

In addition, Chrome is going to make it easier for users to differentiate when they are logged in, and whether the sync option is available or not. The company has provided mockups of how these features will look like, available below:

As for cookies, they will be entirely deleted in Chrome 70, including Google’s own cookies.

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