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Coronavirus and Internet Outages: Telecom Services Having Issues

What is one of the consequences of having so many people stuck at home, working remotely, streaming online, living (mostly) online?

Video Streaming Platforms Reduce Streaming Bit Rates

Apparently, you are getting streaming video services utilizing large amounts of bandwidth. This over-utilization leads to congestion and poor online performance, observed in Europe, where millions of people are quarantined at home. To avoid overloading of their networks and services, Netflix and YouTube made a statement that they are reducing streaming bit rates.

Microsoft also reported having the same issue, specifically with their Teams platform. Users have been unable to send messages via Teams, and were receiving the following notification:

We’re sorry – we’ve run into an issue.

Telecom Companies Experiencing Outages

Suffice to say, Microsoft, Netflix, and YouTube are not the only tech companies suffering outages.


According to Downdetector, several cities in the US have been reporting Comcast issues: Chicago, Channahon, Atlanta, Denver, Portland, San Francisco, Houston, Orlando, Philadelphia.

The most reported problems are related to Internet (87%), TV (7%), and total blackout (4%). At the time of writing of this article, nearly 5000 comments from users have been shared to Downdetector comment section. “Down for hours now, no explanation whatsoever. ComCRAP is beyond awful,” one user nicknamed I hate you Comcast says. Comcast users are also experiencing issues in Vancouver and the state of California, commenters say.

Vodafone, O2, Spectrum, and Optus are also experiencing interruption of services.


Vodafone, the multinational telecommunications company headquartered in London, is mostly having service issues on mobile phones (65%), mobile internet (18%), and home broadband (15%). There are nearly 2000 comments in Downdetector’s threat on Vodafone.


O2 owned by the Spanish multinational Telefónica but headquartered in Slough, the UK, offers mobile phone and mobile internet service, including voicemail and SMS. Issues the company is undergoing now include mobile phone (78%), network (12%), and mobile internet (8$). Affected cities include Coulsdon, London, Leeds, Northwich, Bristol, Belfast, Biringham, Edinburgh, and Glasgow.


Spectrum, or Charter Spectrum, is in fact the trade name of Charter Communications, used to market consumer cable television, internet, telephone, and wireless services part of the company’s portfolio.

92% of the issues reported in the past 24 hours are related to Internet, 4% to tv, and 2% are related to total blackout. Most affected regions include Los Angeles, Atlanta, Pontiac, La Mirada, Houston, Orlando, New York City, Burbank, and Charlotte.


Optus, or Singtel Optus Pty Limited d/b/a Optus is the second largest telecommunications company in Australia. It is also a wholly owned subsidiary of Singaporean company Singtel. Currently, there are no detected issues with Optus services, but Downdetector shows problems with landline internet, and mobile phones and internet, in Sydney, Adelaide, Reservoir, Melbourne, Perth, South Yarra, Brisbane, Canberra, Kew. The outages were detected on March 7th, and also in February.

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