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docLock v. Software Review

doclock-logo-sensorstechforumPersonal security is a big issue, and it’s good that we have software products that will make us feel safer. docLock by Large Software is such a program. As visible by the program’s name, docLock’s primary purpose is to protect documents by securing them with a password, and thus prohibiting other people from accessing them. docLock has several other features such as permanently deleting data, so that it cannot be restored by unauthorized parties.

App Profile

Name docLock v.
Type Personal Security, Business Tool
Developer Large Software

Operating System Windows OS.
License Price $29.95
STF’s Test Machine Lenovo B50-70 with 64-bit Windows 8.1
User Experience Discuss docLock on our forum.

docLock Technical Resume

One of the first things you will instantly notice about the program is its quick installation. Once it is installed you will see the simple and intuitive interface. Getting around docLock is quite easy, too.

docLock’s speed is quite satisfactory, as locking and unlocking files is done in just a few seconds. Keep in mind that the unregistered, trial version gives you the option to only lock Word documents. With the paid version, you can lock other types of files.

On its main window, docLock has four buttons:

  • Lock a file
  • Unlock a file
  • Manage passwords
  • Secure Delete a file

If you want to lock a file, you can drag and drop it or add via the ‘add’ button. You can also lock multiple files at the same time.

Locking Files with docLock

When you start locking a file, you will see that you can either type in your own password, or the program can generate a random one. An interesting option is saving the password as an image and storing it wherever you choose.

Please note that docLock is not designed to automatically overwrite the original files but to create new ones with the .doclock extension. To make sure that no one goes through your original files, consider storing them somewhere safe. However, you can set docLock to automatically delete the original files after you’ve locked them.

Creating .exe and .zip Files

The program gives you the chance to create a portable locked file, or .exe, and an email friendly locked file (.zip). You can store such files on external devices or sent them via email.

Managing Passwords

docLock recommends you to change your passwords occasionally, and it’s easy to do it. Go to Manage Passwords, add or drop the file whose password you want to change, and follow the steps – type in the old password, then the new one, confirm it, and you’re done.

Compression and Encryption

docLock offers four compression modes – fast, normal, best, no compression. The program also has several encryption algorithms you can choose from:

  • Blowfish; Cast-128, DES; 3DES; Gost; RC2; AES (Rijndael); Twofish.


You can also pick the cipher mode – CFB-8bit, CBC, CFB-block, OFB.

What We Like

  • docLock is fast during installation and locking files;
  • The program has a light and user-friendly interface;
  • The program offers several compression methods and encryption algorithms;
  • The program has the interesting option to save a password as an image;
  • The program is compatible with Windows 10.

What Is Missing

  • docLock’s unregistered version only allows you to lock Microsoft Word documents.


DocLock is a light and easy-to-use program that ensures your documents and files stay untouched by unauthorized parties. It’s a recommended tool for anyone who wishes to keep their data to themselves.

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