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Google Chrome Actively Listens to Your Conversations

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shutterstock_253413775Voice search of Google was reported by multiple sources, including to “listen in” to various conversations and save audio logs. This news may soon raise some serious issues regarding privacy because the audio recordings are so evident that even users can listen in to the conversation themselves.

It doesn’t take much to records your voice when you are using Chromium. Reports indicate that all it takes for this to happen is to start talking, and the applet doing this, allegedly activates itself automatically. The recordings which can be tracked, listened to and even deleted and copied can also be found in Google Voice and Audio. It can be found on the following web link.

Not only does Google have a web page for the online activity of the user, but it also has a web page for audio, and it may listen in and save the conversations of the user.

Furthermore, the voice recordings can also be activated on Android phones. It is also available to see more information on how exactly the Google applet records audio and what was actually recorded.

If you enter the main panel, you can also hear what audio was exactly recorded and manage the recordings, like download them or delete them.

In addition to this, in order to erase several files, you should be able to do this by clicking on the check button to mark the audios you wish and then go back to the top of the page and look for a “Delete” button.

The Android voice messages are activated when the voice command “Ok, Google” has been pronounced. Google have recently gained popularity on tracking the location of a certain device as well via GPS and Google Location service. More information on where to find if your location history was tracked, you may find in CNET’s report where you can also find instructions on how to disable those.

What About User Privacy

These privacy issues have become so often met that people do not even bat an eye anymore, as if we have become used to them. However, it is advisable to track what are the latest privacy changes, like the upcoming introducing of Rule 41, for example, which may enable various organizations to track your phone when they are authorized to.

Many online activists, malware researchers and organizations such as The American Civil Liberties Union, the people behind Tor, several US senators as well as Privacy International and the Electronic Frontier Foundation feel concerned about the privacy issues that big organizations are creating for the average citizen. As far as your John Doe user is concerned, this is something normal, but in reality, people should think whether tracking their every move and what they speak is morally correct.


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