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Google Will Punish You If You Are a Repeated Offender

Google’s Safe Browsing has been safeguarding users from various online threats, and has never failed to evolve accordingly to the needs of users. On November 8 Google announced that they’re going to punish websites that repeatedly endanger users through malware, PUPs, phishing attempts and social engineering tricks in general.

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Google Is Improving the Protection of Users from Repeatedly Dangerous Sites

More particularly, websites that were observed to cease endangering users for long enough to have Google Safe Browsing removed will be labeled “Repeated Offender”. The webmaster of the site will have to wait for minimum 30 days to be able to request a review of the status via the Search Console. Shortly put, Google has adjusted their policies to reduce risks end-users are often exposed to.

In Google’s words:

(…) Sites in violation of Google’s Malware, Unwanted Software, Phishing, and Social Engineering Policies show warnings until Google verifies that the site is no longer harmful. The verification can be triggered automatically, or at the request of the webmaster via the Search Console. However, over time, we’ve observed that a small number of websites will cease harming users for long enough to have the warnings removed, and will then revert to harmful activity.

Nonetheless, the webmasters of these websites will be notified through an email sent to the address registered on the Search Console. “Please note that websites that are hacked will not be classified as Repeat Offenders; only sites that purposefully post harmful content will be subject to the policy“, Google says.

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In addition, websites that have been hacked won’t be blacklisted but if the hacks and modifications endure, chances are they will be included.

What Google is doing may be considered a kind reminder for webmasters to be more involved with their websites’ security.

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