Home.myflightapp.com Redirect Removal

Home.myflightapp.com Redirect Removal

remove home.myflightapp.com redirect effectively

The home.myflightapp.com Redirect is a malware browser hijacker that redirects the victims to a hacker-controlled page. Additional viruses can be instituted, as well as any extra components.

Our in-depth home.myflightapp.com Redirect shows how victims can effectively remove active infections and protect their machines from incoming infections.

Threat Summary

TypeBrowser Hijacker, PUP
Short DescriptionThe home.myflightapp.com is a dangerous hacker-controlled site that is distributed using browser hijackers and other tactics. It is modeled after legitimate services and represents a common rogue strategy.
SymptomsImportant web browser settings are changed in order to redirect the victims to the malware site.
Distribution MethodBrowser Hijackers, Email Spam, Bundled Packages
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home.myflightapp.com – Distribution Methods

Security researchers uncovered a hijacker known as the home.myflightapp.com redirect that is actively being distributed in an ongoing attack campaign. The utilized methods are diverse and are dependant upon the chosen targets.

One of the main methods is the use of email messages that are sent in bulk. The criminals utilize social engineering tactics that attempt to coerce the victims into interacting with the malware element. The home.myflightapp.com redirect may be inserted in a file directly attached to the messages. The other tactic is to use malware hyperlinks that can redirect the users to an off-site download.

Email messages as well as hacker-controlled sites are used to spread infected documents. They can be of various types including rich text documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Once opened a notification prompt appears which asks the targets to enable the built-in macros (scripts). This action automatically launches a malware code which downloads the redirect from a remote host and executes it on the victim computers.

In a similar way home.myflightapp.com redirect commands can be embedded in infected software installers. They represent setup files taken from the official vendors which are modified to include the malware code. Once the applications are compiled they are then uploaded to hacker sites. The links can be found in the email messages quoted above. In certain situations when the hackers want to reach a wider audience they can also spread the executable files through File sharing networks like BitTorrent as well.

The main tactic remains the use of browser hijackers. Read on further to learn more about the way they infect the target computers.

home.myflightapp.com – More Details

The bulk of the home.myflightapp.com redirect infections are caused by browser hijackers. They represent malware browser plugins that are created by the hackers. Usually most of them are delivered through the official software repositories used by web users to download plugins. The criminals can opt to use fake developer credentials and user reviews to spread it among the users. They are made compatible with the most popular applications:

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Opera
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer
  • Safari

Once installed the redirect follows the usual behavior tactics associated with this type of malware. It changes important settings of the affected web browsers in order to point the users to the hacker-controlled site. This includes the default home page, search engine and new tabs page. The next time the victims open up the software they will see the page instead of their own preference. Another dangerous fact is that the infections are caused through the applications. This allows the hackers to harvest the stored data: cookies, bookmarks, form data, preferences, history, passwords and account credentials. The first time the victims visit the malware site a tracking cookie and other web technologies will be used to constantly record the users actions. The gathered information is used to build a profile of their interests and history. In many cases sites such as the home.myflightapp.com redirect are created as part of large networks that pool the data into databases. The home page is designed using a template engine and modeled after legitimate services. It is made up of several components. At the top there is a menu bar that also displays the site’s logo. It contains affiliate links to legitimate sites. Every click that the victims make generates revenue for the operators as they are used as a paid traffic source.

In the center of the page there is a search engine which represents a customized web service. As a result every search query can deliver sponsored results, ads and even malware that do not represent the best possible links. Below it there are four grid-style links titled “Book a Flight”, “Track a Flight”, “Arrivals/Departures” and “Maps”. The bottom menu bar contains links to the privacy policy and terms of use documents.

The design and style of the home.myflightapp.com redirect models a flights-related site. The criminals have modeled it after a generic web portal template and have used familiar-looking images and text elements. By distributing it using different methods it can reach a wide audience and as result create large databases of personal data.

home.myflightapp.com – Privacy Policy

The privacy policy shows that the home.myflightapp.com redirect is operated by Polarity Technologies, one of the most well-known companies that are behind malware sites like this one. It uses the same privacy policy terms as other related sister sites. The document lists the following types of data that are being collected:

  • Email address
  • IP address
  • Home address (mailing address)
  • Search queries and all data you type in searches
  • Search data and specifics of searches
  • URLs and clicks
  • Browser type
  • Your name
  • Your geographic location
  • Your ISP (Internet Search Provider)
  • Communications preferences
  • Operating System (and other related data)

How to Remove home.myflightapp.com Redirect Effectively

The removal steps for home.myflightapp.com redirect are listed below. If you don’t feel quite comfortable with the manual removal approach you can choose the automatic. For maximum efficiency and the complete removal of home.myflightapp.com from affected browsers and Windows system it is good to fulfill all steps.

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