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Remove 16start(.)com Browser Hijacker Completely

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16-start-sensorstechforum-browser-hijacker-comA browser hijacking software associated with the suspicious search engine 16start(.)com has been reported to be installed unknowingly on affected computers. The browser hijacker can be installed either as a software directly on the computer or as a browser extension for Mozilla Firefox since the web page opens a firefox.html version even if you are opening it via Google Chrome. Once it has been installed on your computer, 16start(.)com Browser Hijacker may change your home page as well as your new tab web page to its web page, displaying only results from its Google Custom Search customized engine, which is ad-supported. According to malware researchers, such potentially unwanted programs otherwise known as PUPs have no place on any computer because they may be dangerous in the long term. You can remove 16start(.)com if you read the instructions in this article.

Threat Summary

TypeAdware, Browser Hijacker, PUP
Short Description16start(.)com changes the home-page of the affected PC, may track user information via third-party cookies and may heavily display advertisements.
SymptomsAd-supported search results. Changed home page as well as new tab page. PC slowness and even freezes at time.
Distribution MethodFreeware Installations, Bundle Packages, Direct Download
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by 16start(.)com


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User ExperienceJoin Our Forum to Discuss 16start(.)com.

16start(.)com Browser Hijacker – Distribution

To infect the maximum amount of users 16start(.)com uses a different approach when “marketing” its product. It may resemble a useful toolbar to check the whether, for example, or perform any other activities which are helpful. This is its main mask that conceals its primary activities. This is why you may spot it under different names while you install a free program downloaded online from a third-party website. Such websites provide media players, torrent programs and other useful and famous programs. What makes these programs not advisable for download is that their installers are not the original ones and are packed with PUPs like 16start(.)com browser hijacker.

To counter this negative consequence, you should always choose the original website of the free program that you are downloading and in addition to this always go for the “Advanced” or “Custom” installation options when installing it. This increases the possibility of you spotting 16start(.)com hijacker to be added “as a free extra” to your software as 16start(.)com hijacker may appear in one of the installation steps.

16start(.)com Browser Hijacker – More Information About It

16start(.)com hijacker software may be installed on your computer in several different forms:

  • Via a program directly on your computer.
  • Via a browser extension.

As soon as it has been installed, the program changes your default home page and New Tab page of Mozilla Firefox to 16start(.)com. It may attack other browsers installed on your computer as well. After this has been done, the website begins to display ad-supported search results whenever you search for anything online. Here is an example where the user is looking for a song and the result is heavy ad-supported search results:


In the meantime the 16start(.)com browser hijacker may use cookies and other tracking software to follow certain information that the user unknowingly inputs, like:

  • Online clicks.
  • Online searches.
  • Browsing history.
  • User entered information on different websites.

What is worse in this situation is that we have identified several types of cookies from third-party websites associated with this domain:


Even though the privacy policy of 16start(.)com states that they may not collect any information like names, e-mail addresses and other identifiable information, they still use cookies and third-parties to advertise content, and this may be done for profits:


The company behind 16start(.)com has even left an e-mail address for various advertisers to contact them:


This type of SEO is usually considered shady because the people behind the browser hijacker may collaborate with different third-party sites. And when it comes to third-party websites and content the situation is riskier than usual. The users may receive adverts and even be redirected to scamming sites or websites containing malware, all in the name of profit. This is one of the main reasons why software like 16start(.)com browser hijacker’s removal is advisable by malware analysts.

Remove 16start(.)com Browser Hijacker from Your PC

Since 16start(.)com may create multiple files in your web browser’s directory and other places of your hard drives as well as modify the Windows Registry Editor, the program should be isolated and removed methodologically. This is why, for maximum effectiveness, we have designed a removal manual below to guide you through the removal process. To save the maximum amount of spending by taking your computer to tech support experts, it is recommended that you use an advanced anti-malware program since it will not only automatically and swiftly delete 16start(.)com hijacker from your computer, but it will also protect your from PUPs and malware in the future.


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