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Remove V9(.)Com Browser Hijacker – Simple Manual

remove browser hijacker easily

A browser hijacker associated with the website has been reported to harass users with annoying advertisements in the form of ad-supported search results. features some shady privacy policy statements regarding collecting personal information as well as using it. What is more, the browser hijacker is reported by malware researchers to display third-party advertisements to both legitimate as well as suspicious websites. Its removal for which we have provided instructions after this article is highly recommended.

Threat Summary Hijacker
TypeBrowser Hijacker, PUP
Short DescriptionThe domain can be set as homepage and new tab on each affected browser. A rogue search engine is set as default one.
SymptomsThe homepage, new tab and search engine of affected browsers can display the main page of hijacker. Many redirects and advertisements can occur during browsing sessions.
Distribution MethodFreeware Installations, Bundled Packages
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by Hijacker


Malware Removal Tool

User ExperienceJoin Our Forum to Discuss Hijacker. Browser Hijacker – How Did It Get on My PC?

One way for this ad-supported PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) to slip into your computer is via installing other programs which are downloaded from third-party software providers. Users being users often tend to fast-click their way through steps of the setup of the program they downloaded. Here is where messages in the ‘Advanced’ or ‘Custom’ install may appear prompting them to add programs such as browser hijacker ‘as a free extra’. Such steps are often disregarded and this is the most often situation of such unwanted programs being installed. hijacker can affect the following browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer and Safari. Browser Hijacker – What Does It Do?

Once it has been installed on your computer, the program may hijack your browser by changing different settings to display the webpage as a Home and a New Tab of it. Then, this software may begin to collect different information via tracking technologies such as cookies, beacons and others.

If you take a look at the search engine in detail, it is immediately noticed that it does not support HTTPs protocol type of connection (the “s” stands for secure) which is highly uncommon for a legitimate search engine. browser hijacker main page

This means that the connection to the website is not encrypted and your information may be free to be sniffed by cyber-criminals if the website has been targeted. But, do not worry because ELEX itself may sniff and aggregate such information out of you anyways.

Furthermore, when tested, it was immediately noticed that the hoax search engine displayed ad-supported search results, the notification for which was difficult to notice. When clicked on the advertisements, they led to third-party websites promoting online shopping as well as other online services.

The bottom line for this browser hijacker is that you should stay away from it. It is most likely a sham involving hoax ad-supported search engines that may or may not lead users to suspicious third-party websites. Third-party sites may conceal many risks from users and in general, they are two types:

  • Scamming sites that aim for money or user information.
  • Malware-infested redirect URLs that aim to infect user PCs for different interests (political, financial, etc.)

Also, researchers strongly believe that advertisements provided by this website may be part of an affiliate scheme to boost traffic to other sites and to make the developers of the browser hijacker gain profit from such marketing services or pay-per-click schemes. What is more, the information collected from the user may be then utilized to bring targeted advertisements in different forms to the user – we are talking about not only ad-supported search results but also, pop-ups, banners and other annoying ads that may lead to suspicious websites. Either way, the removal of the v9(.)com Browser Hijacker is highly recommended. – Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy section of is available on the left corner of its main page. It is very important for you to understand that the company behind the software, called ELEX, has notified in their privacy policy the following:



According to the policy, the company may collect and keep records of the following data:

  • Your hardware model
  • Operating system version
  • Unique device identifier
  • Mobile network information including phone number
  • Cookie information
  • Your search queries
  • System activity
  • Hardware settings
  • Browser type
  • Browser language
  • Date and time of your request
  • Referral URL

The collected data may be used for commercial purposes or disclosed to third-parties of unknown origin.

What is more to this, ELEX have very specific demands in their license agreement as well:


Remove Browser Hijacker Easily

Removing such browser hijacker from an affected computer may prove to be tricky since the program itself may run active processes in the background that prevent it to casually be deleted.

This is why it is advisable to follow the step-by-step tutorial below in order to completely be rid of unwanted software. Also, for maximum efficiency and future protection, you should download and install an advanced anti-malware software which will also remove all associated files and check whether or not you have already been indirectly influenced by this software.


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