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stf-yeabests-top-yea-bests-uportal-u-portal-browser-hijacker-redirect-esoffers-network-main-site-page is one of the domains for the browser hijacker Uportal. Copyrighted by ESOffers Network Co., Limited, that is believed to be the company that developed it. The hijacker can redirect you and shows the search results of “Plus! Network” which is another hijacker. Before showing that page, all of your search queries go through the servers of ESOffers. The hijacker redirect will alter the homepage, new tab and search engine of your browsers. To remove the hijacker and its files, you should read the article to the end.

Threat Summary
TypeBrowser Hijacker, PUP
Short DescriptionAll browsers on your computer can be affected. The hijacker could redirect you and filter your search queries.
SymptomsThe browser settings which can be modified are the homepage, search engine, new tab, and browser add-ons. You might see third party content and advertisements.
Distribution MethodFreeware Installations, Bundled Packages
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by


Malware Removal Tool

User ExperienceJoin Our Forum to Discuss – Delivery Ways is mainly delivered via third-party installations. Bundled packages and freeware can place the hijacker on your computer device. Freeware install setups like these could have additional components ready to be installed by default. More settings can be changed before you realize that your browsers are affected. Preventing unwanted installations such as that is doable if you find a Custom or an Advanced settings menu in the setup to deselect components. could utilize more ways for delivery too. It could push its search engine through advertisement content on various websites by putting banners, pop-ups and more sponsored content. The hijacker might also be delivered using the aid of suspicious websites that host redirect links. All those websites might be in a partnership or business affiliation with These are the mostly affected browsers: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and Mozilla Firefox. – Technical Details is one of the domains of the browser hijacker Uportal. The hijacker is very likely developed by the company ESOffers Network Co., Limited. The company’s copyright is provided at the bottom of the main web page. You can see how the website looks from the picture right here:


As you can see above, the page consists of a search bar, and lots of on-page adverts, that redirect you to websites of unknown origin and related to targeted marketing. That exact page will be put in the place of your browsers’ search engine, new tab setting, and the starting home page too. Refrain from clicking on any of the advertisements as they are links that redirect you.

While you have any related program inside your computer, you will see your browsers get modified settings. Software that does these changes can install on your computer machine through bundled software. All kinds of extensions and apps can generate advertisements, and show more targeted content and redirect you when you surf the Web. The redirects will probably send you to sites filled with ads. Those pages could be affiliated or even partnered with


In the snapshot above, you can see where the searches via lead to. You are getting redirected to the search results page of Plus Network each time you do a search. It is not excluded for you to get redirected to other search engines. Looking more closely reveals how just before that every search query you make will go through the redirect. can acquire additional information about you and your browsing activity, when the search queries go through both and the Plus Network hijacker servers.

The two search engines are very likely to be partners or affiliates. Every bit of information obtained from your search queries can be disclosed to them. You should be very careful of what information you put inside search bars. Read on and see how much data can be acquired from you and how that happens. – Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy of the is short and transparent. It is interesting to see that it actually says the name of hijacker – it is from the same company and seem to push the same search page interface.

The policy says what kind of information the site collects and what third parties can also acquire information from you via its services. The redirects from the new tab, home page and the searches of always go through the Plus Network. The website collects personally and non-personally identifying information. Reading the policy will prove to you that all of that collected data, may be shared with third-parties.

You can view the Privacy Policy from here:


Information which is gathered by is the following:
  • Your name
  • Your E-mail address
  • Your IP address
  • Click-through data
  • Type of browser you are using (e.g., Chrome, Internet Explorer)
  • Type of operating system you are using (e.g., Windows or Mac OS)
  • Domain name of your Internet service provider (e.g., America Online, Earthlink)

As we already mentioned above – all of your searches go through the Plus Network domain, so its Privacy Policy applies here too. Its policy is short and not very detailed, but all personally identifying information will be collected.

An interesting quote from the policy is:

Some of the web search services provided herein are provided by Trovi Search and powered by Trovi search partners. For information on the web search services data collection, please visit, and the search provider’s privacy policy, as applicable.

That means that the services of Trovi Search are involved, and that is not good – head over to the web address given in the above quote if you want to read their policy as well. Surely, all Trovi partners are probably involved, thus a lot of different information can be collected from you. So be very careful about what you search and what data you provide to such services.

By using any services of or those of its affiliates and partners, including toolbars, extensions, add-ons, or applications tied to them will automatically grant your consent for personal data collection. In the policy, it is written that cookies and other tracking technologies are used in the information obtainment process.

Remove (uPortal) Fully

To remove manually from your computer, follow the step-by-step removal instructions provided below. In case the manual removal does not get rid of the hijacker redirect and all of its files completely, you should search for and remove any leftovers with an advanced anti-malware tool. Such software can keep your computer secure in the future.


Berta Bilbao

Berta is a dedicated malware researcher, dreaming for a more secure cyber space. Her fascination with IT security began a few years ago when a malware locked her out of her own computer.

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