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Remove Yontoo Shop Essentials Ads from Your Computer

yontooA potentially unwanted application known to mask itself behind randomly named or “plugin.exe” executables has been reported to have rapid increase in spread. The program is detected as PUA.Yontoo, Adware.Yontoo.Shop Essentials and several other names. By the looks of it, the application may resemble a useful software that assists uses with their daily shopping experiences. However, it is strongly advisable not to lay your trust in this software, because it may do exactly the opposite – interfere with online shopping by displaying annoying advertisements and collect user information.

NameYontoo Shop Essentials
TypePUA Extension
Short DescriptionPop-ups administered by an adware program on the computer.
SymptomsPc slowdowns. Difficult to uninstall.The user may encounter different types of advertisements.
Distribution MethodIn freeware packages (bundling), or executing fake updates, clicking on random pop-up windows.
Detection toolDownload SpyHunter, to See If Your System Has Been Affected By Yontoo Shop Essentials
User Experience Join our forum to discuss Yontoo Shop Essentials.

Yontoo Shop Essentials Ads – How Is It Spread

These applications are known as helper adware or PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs). They are most likely spread via several different methods, most known of which is called bundling. Imagine you download a free program from a website, like or Softonic. Such sites provide free software and as a marketing tool, they add programs as free extras in the “Custom” or “Advanced” installers. Since most users tend to miss opting out of those extras during their fast clicking installation rampage, such applications usually find their way unnoticed on their computer.

Adware such as Shop Essentials Ads usually affects Windows users, because they are a likely target of cyber-criminals and underground “marketing experts”. But since some of those applications are mainly focused on web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera or Safari, they may come directly on your browser, no matter what OS you are using. And ad blocking software won’t do you any good if you have adware directly on your browser.

Yontoo Shop Essentials Ads In Detail

Once installed on the user PC, this ad-supported software may begin to deploy various tracking technologies such as:

  • Beacons.
  • Pixels.
  • Session Cookies.
  • Tracking Cookies(illegal).
  • LSOs(Local Shared Objects also known as Flash cookies).
  • Tags.

According to detections by HerdProtect the application may come in the form of a “plugin.exe” executable:


These tracking technologies are there for a specific purpose. To collect different user information. They may collect two types of information – passive and user entered data.

Passive information may be the following:

  • System information.
  • OS data.
  • What software is installed on the computer.

Active information may include any:

  • Any User-entered Information.
  • Browsing History.
  • Online clicks.
  • Online searches.
  • Bookmarks.

This information may then be used for several different reasons:

  • Selling it on the black market to malware writers or cyber-scammers.
  • Using it to display different advertisements of third-party websites, some of which may be suspicious. This method is also known as behavioral advertising.

So, the bottom line is that there are different risks that are associated with having a PUA.Yontoo software on your computer:

  • You may be advertised pop-ups that redirect to scamming websites.
  • You might eventually become infected with malware.

Security experts strongly advise users to keep an eye out for such apps and in case they notice the symptoms mentioned in the table above, to immediately take swift actions towards removing this program.

Removing Yontoo Shop Essentials Ads

If you have decided that you will no longer bear the pop-ups of this app, and you feel like it is posing an indirect threat to your information, first, and most important step for you is to change all of your passwords. Then you may proceed with removing the app. One suggested way to do it is by using the step-by-step methods illustrated in the instructions below. Experts also advise to do more than one scan with an advanced anti-malware software on the affected computer and to back up your data to another device.

Delete Yontoo Shop Essentials from Windows and Your Browser

1.Remove or Uninstall Yontoo Shop Essentials in Windows
2.Remove Yontoo Shop Essentials from Your Browser

Remove Yontoo Shop Essentials automatically by downloading an advanced anti-malware program.

1. Remove Yontoo Shop Essentials with SpyHunter Anti-Malware Tool
2. Back up your data to secure it against attacks related to Yontoo Shop Essentials in the future
Optional: Using Alternative Anti-Malware Tools

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