SaveOnMac Adware - Remove from Your Mac

SaveOnMac Adware – Remove from Your Mac

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This article’s goal is to help Mac users understand what SaveOnMac is and what to do, if it has been installed on their systems. Being an adware program, SaveOnMac generates unwanted and often intrusive pop-up ads and interferes with the safe browsing of the user. SaveOnMac has been developed with the sole purpose of generating ad revenue for its creators.

However, since it involves the display of unwanted and unknown ads, there are associated risks. From these ads, you may be redirected to pages laden with malware. Adware programs such as SaveOnMac, and generally potentially unwanted programs, may be linked with collection of user data and user behavior patterns, and sharing this information with unknown third parties. To avoid any risk, read this article carefully and make sure to remove the adware from your Mac.

Threat Summary

Short DescriptionA program that delivers lots of intrusive advertisements within the browser.
SymptomsBrowser slowdowns could occur due to the increased number of ads generated by the adware.
Distribution MethodSoftware bundles; Corrupted installers; Deceptive web pages
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by SaveOnMac

Combo Cleaner

Malware Removal Tool

User ExperienceJoin Our Forum to Discuss SaveOnMac.

SaveOnMac Adware General Description

Adware programs typically display ads and coupons for websites related to online shopping. The ads may seem convincing, offering you various discounts and deals on items you want to purchase. However, don’t be fooled – such programs can be quite intrusive and persistent.

Once this piece of adware is installed and started on your Mac, it is highly likely to initiate a series of modifications, including browser settings that will enable the generation of said advertisements. Furthermore, the program may also be able to affect the settings of popular browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Safari.

Some of the ads delivered by the adware could present phrases like:

  • Advert from SaveOnMac
  • Powered by SaveOnMac
  • Ad by SaveOnMac
  • Advertisement by SaveOnMac
  • Brought to you by SaveOnMac

As of their type they could be pop-ups, pop-unders, banners, in-text links, scroll boxes, videos, images and other. These ads could generate revenue to the adware’s operators.

Having adware installed and running on your Mac is also associated with further risks. First, adware such as SaveOnMac could worsen your browser, which in turn could diminish significantly your browsing experience. And second, some of the ads may redirect you to poorly secured web pages compromised by hackers.

SaveOnMac Distribution Techniques

Since SaveOnMac is ad-supported and potentially unwanted, it may have infiltrated your Mac via tricky methods such as software bundling in freeware packages. If you have downloaded a piece of freeware from the Web, you may have installed the adware yourself without even noticing it. It may have sneaked into your system via corrupted pages as well.

When an adware or PUP is distributed in software bundles and free third-party apps, it is often hidden in the Advanced/Custom configuration step of the installer. However, the unwanted program may not be mentioned in the installer at all.

Another possible distribution technique that may have installed SaveOnMac on your device includes compromised web pages laden with bad code.

SaveOnMac Removal Instructions

In order to remove SaveOnMac adware and all associated files from your Mac, consider following the steps below the article. There, you are presented with both manual and automatic removal instructions that combined could help you to secure your device and keep it safe in the future.


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