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What Is a Computer Worm?

Computer Worm Definition

computer worm cyber dictionary definition
A computer worm is a form of malware that is designed to spread copies of itself from computer to computer. A PC worm can replicate itself without the need of human interaction, and it doesn’t require another software program to attach itself to it.

How Do Computer Worms Work? Extended Definition: Computer worms can be distributed across machines with the help of software vulnerabilities or malicious (spam) email attachments (also known as phishing). Once executed, the malicious files can automatically download the computer worm. Once it is installed, it can silently work, without the user’s knowledge.

Worms are capable of modifying and deleting files, and injecting additional malicious programs onto the infected computer. In some cases, however, the sole purpose of the PC worm could be to make copies of itself over and over, thus depleting system resources, such as hard drive space or bandwidth. Worms can overload a shared network, steal data, install a backdoor, and enable cybercriminals to obtain control over a computer.

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