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What Is Browser Extension?

Browser Extension Definition

Short definition: A small piece of software that enhances the functionalities of a web browser. Also called “plug-in” and “add-on”.

Extended definition:

Browser extensions are programs that add features to both websites and web browsers and improve their functionalities. Sometimes browser extensions remove unwanted website elements too. Elements such as pop-up ads and auto-play online videos can be isolated with the help of some browser extensions. The tiny software is usually created with the help of popular web-based technologies like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.


Similar to other programs, browser extensions can be coded to exploit certain software vulnerabilities that let hackers infect computer systems with malware. Тhese programs can also be used for the activation of different types of tracking technologies, like cookies, tags, pixels, geolocators and others. All these types of objects can obtain information from web browsers. Their presence on a device could result in unsolicited data collection.

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