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What Is Home Page?


Home Page Definition

Short definition: Home page (also written homepage) is the main web page of a website. The term also refers to the first web page that loads after the opening of a web browser.

Extended definition:

When it comes to websites home pages are files located in root server directories. Different webservers enable website owners to keep homepages files under names like index.htm, index.shtml, index.html, home.html, index.php, and default.html. The home page URL differs from the home page file name. So when the start page of a website loads in the browser you can see the website URL address. For example, the homepage of our website is https://sensorstechforum.com. Most website home pages provide categories where visitors can go deeper into other areas of the site.

Web browser home pages are the sites that load after you open a web application installed on your PC. The start page also called the startup page is usually a search engine like Google or Bing but each user can modify the web browser homepage by entering the settings.

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