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What Is an Obfuscator

What Is Obfuscator?

Obfuscator Definition

Short definition: Type of software that is designed to conceal a file or an object by masking its original data, thus adding an extra layer of security to or making it undetectable (in the case of a malware infection).

Extended definition:

Obfuscator, also known as obfuscation software is the type of program that uses specific method to change the core structure data of an object or a file in order to change its main signature and increase at security. Obfusation software has been used for a long time for both good and bad deeds. When you talk about malware infections, using an obfuscator is the main way hackers hide their infection files from antivirus programs.

Usually, antivirus software detects a malicious file by its signature. Hackers know this and as soon as this happens and their virus is no longer a threat and is detected by most programs, they use obfuscation software to change its signature and make it undetectable by any security software.

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