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What Is Windows AntiVirus Adviser?

Windows AntiVirus Adviser is a rogue antivirus program. Once active on the compromised computer, Windows AntiVirus Adviser displays numerous alerts about non-existing security threats which purpose is only to scare the user and lure him into purchasing the licensed version of the software.

Windows AntiVirus Adviser belongs to the Rogue.FakeVimes malware family. Like many other rogue programs, Windows AntiVirus Adviser is promoted as a legitimate anti-malware tool, but the notifications it displays after performing a fake system scan are not real. These alerts disrupt the user’s activities and do not allow him to run the normal applications on the compromised machine. In order to fix the alleged security problems and remove all threats, the user is asked to buy the full version of the rogue anti-virus program. The users are advised not to encourage such practices by purchasing the product because it will not fix anything.

A clear sign that you have Windows AntiVirus Adviser on your computer are the constant security warnings and scan results shown on your screen. The alerts by Windows AntiVirus Adviser are displayed as Windows warning boxes informing the user about a certain number of threats detected on the affected computer. Here is an example:

Windows AntiVirus Adviser – Distribution Methods

Windows AntiVirus Adviser uses different approaches to end up on the user’s PC – through malicious websites, exploit kits, legitimate websites that have been compromised, etc. A common distribution method used by Windows AntiVirus Adviser is a spam email containing malicious attachments or links. These emails often claim to be from shipping companies like FedEx or DHL and contain information about a package they failed to deliver to the user. The hackers do their best to make the scam messages look as real as possible, so the user wouldn’t hesitate to follow the provided link or to download the attached file. And just with this one simple click, the Windows AntiVirus Adviser is introduced to the targeted system.

Windows AntiVirus Adviser can also be delivered via fake Adobe Flash Player updates or another software program. Peer-to-peer file sharing sites are also often used by cyber crooks to deliver malicious applications and programs to the unsuspecting user.

How to Remove Windows AntiVirus Adviser from Your Computer Permanently?

Experts recommend the immediate removal of Windows AntiVirus Adviser from the compromised computer. Just follow the steps bellow to delete Windows AntiVirus Adviser from your computer permanently.


Spy Hunter FREE scanner will only detect the threat. If you want the threat to be automatically removed, you need to purchase the full version of the malware tool.

1. Start Your PC in Safe Mode to Remove Windows AntiVirus Adviser
2. Remove Windows AntiVirus Adviser automatically with Spy Hunter Malware - Removal Tool.

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