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Why You Need to Remove Websearch.searchtheglobe.info

Websearch.searchtheglobe.info is a browser hijacker that changes your default browser and home page to its own without your consent, and displays possibly unwanted pop-up ads. Although it’s not a serious threat to your PC, it does have the capability to monitor and collect information about your online activities, which is why malware experts recommend its removal.

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How Does Websearch.searchtheglobe.info Work?

Websearch.searchtheglobe.info works just like any other browser hijacker. Once installed, it alters your browser settings and changes your default home page to websearch.searchtheglobe.info.
Websearch.searchtheglobe.info will also install additional programs, the so-called “helper objects,” which will not allow you to revert your browser changes.

The idea behind this browser hijacker, and practically any other, is to collect browsing and personal information from the users. Therefore, websearch.searchtheglobe.info can and will monitor your browsing activities in order to “learn” more about your searches and preferences. It will then share this information with third parties which, in most cases, are advertisers trying to customize the ads in accordance with your needs.

It’s all clearly described in their Privacy Policy, which states:

→“We may collect certain information about your web usage and websites you have visited, which may be shared with third parties and used for advertising. NOTE: The plugin and other services collect and store information concerning the web pages you visit and your activity on those pages, such as impressions, clicks and search terms. In some cases, information collected by the plugin and other services may be personally identifiable, and in some cases information (including information from or about pages of social media websites you visit) may be used or shared with third parties for purposes of displaying targeted advertisements promotional and marketing material to you.”

The Privacy Policy also states that websearch.searchtheglobe.info uses cookies as a way to track your surfing habits and that it is not responsible for the privacy policies of the third parties related to it. That means if you click on a third party ad, you are under the Privacy Policy of that third party, not websearch.searchtheglobe.info.

How Does Websearch.searchtheglobe.info Infiltrate Your PC?

Websearch.searchtheglobe.info infiltrates your system just like most browser hijackers do – via bundling. Bundling occurs between a free program and additional browser plug-ins in order to monetize the free program’s services. Such freeware websites are download.com, softonic.com, soft32.com, and more.
The problem with the bundling method is that it’s often used to distribute various malware and infections. And, this is possible thanks to the unclear way the bundled program or application is mentioned. It’s often included as a default setting during the freeware installation, and most users miss to uncheck it.
Thus, to make sure you install only the program you want, you must pay close attention to the installation process of any freeware you download from the Web. Disable and uncheck anything that is not familiar to you. Opt for custom installation.

Should You Remove Websearch.searchtheglobe.info?

You practically have no benefit of keeping websearch.searchtheglobe.info in your system. That browser hijacker could only annoy you, and track your online moves. It’s best to remove it the moment you realize you have it.
Make sure, however, to use a legitimate anti-virus program that will clean your system successfully.

Spy Hunter FREE scanner will only detect the threat. If you want the threat to be automatically removed, you need to purchase the full version of the malware tool.

1. Restore the settings in your browser
2. Remove Websearch.searchtheglobe.info automatically with Spy Hunter Malware - Removal Tool.
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