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what to do when system is infected with ransomware sensorstechforum

What To Do When Your System Gets Infected with Ransomware

You should know by now that ransomware is currently the worst of online threats you could get on your PC. It’s a virus so powerful that is capable of destroying your business and/or personal life in seconds by hijacking your…


Facebook Virus Posts Your Profile Picture With a Link

Another Facebook virus has been released, unlike any other. This malware has a botnet-like capability and can post your profile picture along with a URL and a video on your Facebook timeline making it look like your friend has made…


All_Your_Documents.rar Virus – Remove and Restore Files

This article aims to help you remove All_Your_Documents Ransomware and restore your files in case they have been encrypted by it. A ransomware virus that archives the files on the computers it infects and puts them in a password protected…


Remove Spora Ransomware and Restore Your Files

This article will help you to remove Spora ransomware efficiently. Follow the ransomware removal instructions provided at the end of the article. Spora is the name of a ransomware virus, that is meant to primarily target Russian speakers as its…


.Wallet File Virus (Restore Files)

If .Wallet File Virus (Dharma Ransomware) has infected your PC this article aims to help you remove the Dharma virus and try to restore your encrypted files with added .wallet file extension. Amagnus@india.com is one of the e-mails the victims…


Top Ten Symptoms of a Computer Infection (Update 2017)

Computer viruses just like the once affecting the human body exhibit a variety of symptoms to alert us about their presence in the system. Let’s review some of the most-popular signs of a potential virus in your computer. Hardware Problems…


Remove Dharma Ransomware and Restore .dharma Encrypted Files

How to remove Dharma Ransomware and restore your file ? Read all details and removal methods below. The virus encrypts the files on the compromised computers after which appends the .dharma file extension along with a unique identifier to them.…


How Russian Criminals Boost Ransomware Growth

It may come to no one’s surprise that the current ransomware ecosystem is being created and maintained mainly by Russian-speaking cyber criminals. Kaspersky’s research showed that 80% of all crypto-ransomware families originated from Russian underground forums and other similar sources…


MNSCRYPTOLOCKER Ransomware Virus – Description and Removal Instructions

This article aims to help you remove MNSCRYPTOLOCKER ransomware virus from your computer and restore access to Windows functions. The MNSCRYPTOLOCKER ransomware is a new cryptovirus that has just been detected by malware researchers and is gaining power as we…


AdamLocker Virus Remove and Restore Guide

This article aims to help you remove AdamLocker ransomware virus from your computer and restore access to Windows functions. AdamLocker is a newly discovered by malware researchers crypto virus that encrypts your most important files and demands a ransom in…


Skype Accounts Hacked Easily Regardless of Microsoft’s Two-Factor Protection

Apparently, Microsoft has been facing some challenges of integrating Skype as users have had their accounts compromised several times already since Microsoft has taken over Skype. The most recent such case is from August, 2016 and it involves the distribution…


Fancy Bear Hacks Android Devices to Track Ukrainian Artillery

The Russian hacking group Fancy Bears hacked Android devices to track the Ukrainian artillery, according to a research published by security company CrowdStrike. The Malware Used Was X-Agent… The malware used by the Russian hackers aimed to collect information on…


V8Locker Ransomware Virus Removal Guide

This article will help you remove V8Locker virus ransomware successfully. Follow the ransomware removal instructions below carefully. V8Locker is a new ransomware virus that employs both AES and RSA ciphers and targets the most popular user files. Once encrypted, they…


Cyber Kangaroo May Be More Effective in Securing IoT Than Chasing Hackers

Cyber Kangaroo is the name of a cyber game held on Thursday in Canberra, Australia and organized by RAND Corporation and the National Security College (NSC). The game was dedicated to the growing popularity and use of Internet of Things…


Microsoft Non-security Patches Available for December 2016

It’s time to update Office 2013, 2016 and Office 365 Click-to-Run. On Tuesday, Microsoft traditionally released its non-security bulletin, and although some of the patches were not available in certain parts of the world for a while, they are all…


Cry (CSTO) Ransomware Uses Google Maps, UDP and Imgur (Removal Guide)

Ransomware is quickly becoming a major threat in the cyber space since it’s easy to use, hard to track and decrypt and the ROI is high. As a result, it’s evolving and improving with horrific speed. Cry ransomware, for example,…


Remove Bart 2 Ransomware Virus and Restore .bart2 Encrypted Files

Cyber crooks have brought Bart ransomware virus back in the game – this time it’s called Bart v2.0 (also Bart2) and appends encrypted files with the .bart2 extension. Bart v2.0 is considered an improved version from its predecessor Bart, for…


Brazzers Porn Forum Hacked: 800 000 Accounts Exposed

It shouldn’t come to no one’s surprise that no place on the Web is safe – forums of porn sites the least. Still, however, such occurrence shouldn’t become the hackneyed scenario to which everyone has gotten used to. Amidst terrorism…


Remove CryptFuck Virus and Restore .URFucked Files

If your PC has been attacked by CryptFuck ransomware virus, read this article carefully before you take any further actions. CryptFuck virus has just been released and spotted by malware researchers. It’s based on the open-source of the Hidden Tear…

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