“Your Windows Computer Has Been Blocked” Virus Removal

“Your Windows Computer Has Been Blocked” Virus Removal

Your Windows Computer Has Been Blocked is a message which is used often in a lot of fake technical support sites. These websites involve a scam and almost always leave a phone number on their page, including on the inside of pop-up windows that keep re-appearing and are hard to remove. The worst of those web-pages could infect your PC with a Trojan horse or even a ransomware virus. Most scams that include the message Your Windows Computer Has Been Blocked try to scare you that your system is infected with a virus and lock your browser. Read this article to see how to resolve the issue with such fake tech support sites.

Threat Summary

NameYour Windows Computer Has Been Blocked
TypeTech Support Scam
Short DescriptionOne of many technical support scams, that is stating that your PC is blocked. In some cases it even locks your browser on top of other windows to make you believe that you have a blocked PC. The aim is to scare you into calling a phone number.
SymptomsThe message “Your Windows Computer Has Been Blocked” appears on a website and as a pop-up box, notification, error or another message on your screen. You will see a phone number of alleged technicians who could remove a supposed virus from your PC.
Distribution MethodFreeware Installers, Malicious Sites, Trojan Horse
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by Your Windows Computer Has Been Blocked


Malware Removal Tool

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Your Windows Computer Has Been Blocked – Spread

This tech support scam has been spread by different methods as it has many variants. That’s why the Your Windows Computer Has Been Blocked message can be displayed on your screen without you knowing how it got there. Usually, visiting a malicious website can trigger the message or the site itself could be displaying it. Clicking on ads and redirects is another way of distribution. Mistyping a domain name can also be a trigger for the message to pop-up, or you to land on a scam site.

Here are the detections on VirusTotal of one scam site, showing that it is malicious:

You could still see the Your Windows Computer Has Been Blocked alert without any of the above occurring. That is because the trigger might be a Trojan horse downloaded to your system, due to the installation of a bundled app. The Trojan horse may launch ransomware with a similar scare alert.

Your Windows Computer Has Been Blocked – In Depth

Your Windows Computer Has Been Blocked is a message that can appear in multiple ways to your screen, usually caused by a tech support scam. That message has been seen to appear in a website page, as a notification, an error, a pop-up message or simple text on the main page. A phone number is always provided, suggesting or scarring you into contacting alleged support technicians from Microsoft or a similar well-known company.

In lots of the cases, your screen or browser is being locked and even an audio message is being played to scare you further. You can hear an example recording of such a message below:

Many of the websites related to these tech support scams are made to look like the official Microsoft website. See an example of a fake Microsoft site from the below screenshot:

The shown message box states the following:

*Your Windows (Microsoft) Computer has been blocked*

Windows System Alert!!

Call Microsoft At 1-888-243-3533
You have been blocked from accessing the Internet.
Private and financial data is at RISK:
– Your credit card details and banking information
– Your e-mail passwords and other account passwords
– Your Facebook ,skype,AIM,ICQ and other chat logs
– Your private & family photos and other sensitive files
– Your webcam could be accessed remotely by stalkers

It is Required that you call the number above and get your PC inspected before you continue using your internet, especially for Shopping or Banking.

Know that Microsoft does not provide any unsolicited help with PC or technical issues, unless you initiate it. That means, that Microsoft will never offer you help – you have to ask for it. Unfortunately, some scams are very clever and still work to this day.

One of the most recent scams that you may have seen or become a victim to is one that looks like a Google Chrome Warning for a phishing site or malicious activity. The trick is to fool you that Google is blocking access to the website you are trying to reach. And you think you need to reach that site in the heat of the moment, as one of the most recent domains was called “securityagainstwannacry.com”. As if there would be an official site devoted to stopping the WannaCry ransomware threat that Google would block.

You can see an example in the pictures below, with the full text contents afterward:

Your computer has been blocked
Your computer with IP address – has been infected by the Virus RDN/YahLover.worm!055BCCAC9FEC — Because System Activation KEY has expired & Your information (for example, passwords, messages, and credit cards) have been stolen. Call the Technical Support number +1-844-760-5091 to protect your files and identity from further damage.
Call Technical Support Immediately at 1-844-760-5091
The following data will be compromised if you continue:
1. Passwords
2. Browser History
3. Credit Card Information
The virus is well known for complete identity and credit card theft. Further action through this computer or any computer in the network will reveal private information and involve serious risks.

Cybercriminals which are on the other end of the phone line will try to keep you on the line as much as they can. They will lie to from how you shouldn’t tamper with your computer device except if you are instructed, to how you need to provide personal information. Do not give any information and do not trust anybody on the other side of the line.

In case you want to know about more scams involving this message, read the YOUR COMPUTER HAS BEEN BLOCKED “Virus” for further details.

We have also created a video that should help you remove “Your Windows Computer Has Been Blocked” scam from your system:

More removal instructions are available below.

Remove “Your Windows Computer Has Been Blocked” Alert

To remove the Your Windows Computer Has Been Blocked tech support scam and all related alerts and files manually from your PC, follow the step-by-step removal instructions provided below. If the manual removal guide does not get rid of the scam and its redirects completely, you should search for and remove any leftover items with an advanced anti-malware tool. Software like that will keep your system secure in the future.


Berta Bilbao

Berta is a dedicated malware researcher, dreaming for a more secure cyber space. Her fascination with IT security began a few years ago when a malware locked her out of her own computer.

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