"You have won (1) Microsoft Gift today!" Scam - How to Remove It?

“You have won (1) Microsoft Gift today!” Scam – How to Remove It?

remove You have won (1) Microsoft Gift today! scam

This article provides a step-by-step guide that shows how to remove the “You have won (1) Microsoft Gift today!” from your PC.

The message “You have won (1) Microsoft Gift today!” is yet another scam that aims to trick you into participating in a survey in order to receive a promotional gift. The page is designed to look like an actual Microsoft web page. You can see the well-known company logo and several supposedly fake comments at the end of the page. The message “You have won (1) Microsoft Gift today!” appears in the browser after you get redirected to a web page associated with the scam. Recently, the domain whileyouhavetheprize.stream has been detected to push this nasty scam message. The reason why you see such messages on your PC is probably a nasty program that has been installed on the device with or without your knowledge. Keep reading and learn how to remove “You have won (1) Microsoft Gift today!” from your web browser and Windows system.

Threat Summary

NameYou have won (1) Microsoft Gift today!
TypeScam / Browser Redirect
Short DescriptionA browser redirect to a usually random URL which displays a scam message in new tab. The scam impersonates Microsoft in an attempt to steal your credentials.
SymptomsA new tab on your browser displays a fake message saying “You have won (1) Microsoft Gift today!”.
Distribution MethodVia Adware or advertising malware installed on your computer or by being redirected from a suspicious site.
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by You have won (1) Microsoft Gift today!


Malware Removal Tool

User ExperienceJoin Our Forum to Discuss You have won (1) Microsoft Gift today!.

How Does (1) Microsoft Gift Scam Spread

The annoying “You have won (1) Microsoft Gift today!” scam may occur due to a potentially unwanted program installed on your PC. The nasty program may infiltrate your system along with a desired program that you downloaded from the net. It can be added to the installers of various appealing programs available for free on websites, forums, and online stores.

Once installed on the PC, it may corrupt essential browser settings or install a suspicious browser extension. Afterward, the PUP is able to redirect you to “You have won (1) Microsoft Gift today!” scam page during each browsing session. How you can prevent the installation of these offensive programs is by reading carefully the information presented in the setups of freeware you install. Most of times when you open the Advanced or Custom configuration options you are able to deselect undesired components.

In addition, all the annoying redirects to whileyouhavetheprize.stream – a website that currently displays the discussed Microsoft scam, can occur after a visit to another suspicious URL. So be careful which sites you visit.

(1) Microsoft Gift – Activity and Purpose

The message “You have won (1) Microsoft Gift today!” should not be trusted as it is a fake one. Its main purpose is to steal sensitive details from affected users. So if you see it, you should immediately close your web browser and start the removal process.

When you first land on the scam page you see the following pop-up:

Scam Windows You have been selected today to receive a FREE iPhone X, PlayStation 4 or Samsung Galaxy S6!

Once you click OK you can see the whole scam page and interact with its elements. There is one main message that appears at the top of the page. It reads the following:

Congratulations user, You have won (1) Microsoft Gift today!

Every Wednesday we randomly select 10 lucky visitors to receive a promotional gift from our sponsors. This is our way of saying “Thank you” that you are a faithful user.
You will receive a FREE iPhone X, PlayStation 4 or Samsung Galaxy S6 after answering 3 simple questions correctly.
Note: 10 randomly selected lucky visitors have received this invitation and there are only a few prizes.

The scam urges you to participate in a survey of 3 easy questions in order to receive a free iPhone X, PlayStation 4 or Samsung Galaxy S6. Well, too good to be true don’t you think?

Congratulations user, You have won (1) Microsoft Gift today! scam page

In addition, a timer provokes a sense of urgency so you are more likely to act immediately. It counts down the minutes before the so special offer will be sent to another lucky visitor and you will lose the chance to win an appealing gift. However, the suspicious survey remains available even when the time is up.

After you answer the last question, the scamming service obtains your IP address and then displays the next step. As you probably know the IP address is a piece of information that is classified as personally identifiable. Unfortunately, the suspicious program that causes all the redirects to this fake Microsoft gift scam may also be designed to record additional sensitive details about you and your online behavior including:

  • Visited websites
  • Location
  • Browser type and version
  • Language
  • Login credentials

So if you are concerned about your online privacy you should remove all files and objects associated with “You have won (1) Microsoft Gift today!” scam from affected browser and PC.

How to Remove “You have won (1) Microsoft Gift today!”

Follow the removal instructions below in case that you get redirected to “You have won (1) Microsoft Gift today!” scam pages during browsing sessions. It is strongly advised to remove the scam immediately from the affected browser and system. Have in mind that since the scam may be pushed by a suspicious software installed on the PC, it is good to run a scan with advanced malware removal tool.

Gergana Ivanova

Gergana Ivanova

Gergana has completed a bachelor degree in Marketing from the University of National and World Economy. She has been with the STF team for three years, researching malware and reporting on the latest infections. She believes that in times of constantly evolving dependency of network connected technologies, people should spread the word not the war.

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