+1-800-531-5000 DirecTV Calls – Are They Scam?

+1-800-531-5000 DirecTV Calls – Are They Scam?

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This post has been created to explain what are calls coming from +1-800-531-5000 and tell you whether or not they are fake callers plus how to block calls coming from this number.

Reports have started to accumulate, concerning calls coming from +1-800-531-5000. The reports indicate that this may be a scamming number, related to the

DirectTV scams. The main idea behind those calls is that the scammers call the victim, asking for victims to pay money to upgrade to a discounted DirectTV offer that is one-time promotion. More information about calls coming from +1-800-531-5000 and how you can block them can be found in the article underneath.

Number Summary

Scam or LegitimateScam Call
OriginUsers have reported the actual origin of +1-800-531-5000 to be somwhere where it should not be coming from.
ActivityScammers aim to convince victims to pay a subscription fee, using big company names, such as DirecTV.
Risk LevelHigh
Call Blocking ToolSee how to block calls coming from +1-855-771-7376

User ExperienceJoin Our Forum to Discuss +1-855-771-7376

+1-800-531-5000 DirectTV Scam – More Information

Users have reported receiving calls from +1-800-531-5000, and the callers have asked if they want to upgrade DirectTV, even though the users in question do not seem to have any type of DirecTV service installed in their homes. One report indicates the following:

5 Oct 2018
First time call from this number, but I have all 8xx numbers blocked, anyway. Since AT&T bought DirecTV, it has been going down hill. I’m contemplating dropping them because of their poor programming, and high billing. Spammers could very well be spoofing this number. I’ve had similar spams and scams using other big company numbers. None the less, I don’t answer 8xx numbers.

According to users, the number may belong to the actual DirecTV service (directv.com), but the scammers could be masking a fake number as the real one and this is why we advise you to always check up with DirecTV themselves if you have received this call by visiting their official site:

Furthermore, more reports have arisen about the same number being used as other types of scams, like “Direct Trucking” or thanksgiving type of scams:

Dave replies to anon
13 Nov 2018
Same here. I just got a call from “Direct Trucking,” but didn’t answer because I didn’t know who that is. They did leave a message, however, and I was surprised when AT & T/Direct TV was identified as the caller. Based on earlier posts, it appears that this number has been used in the past by Direct TV, so why did it show on the caller ID as Direct Trucking? Is that a mistake?

22 Nov 2018
The ID reads Spam? Direct TR. Whitepages.com lists Atlas Networks. Today is Thanksgiving. This is spam/scam/fraud.

How Do I Stop (Block) a Scam Call from +1-800-531-5000 Without Picking Up?

Since some scams can become dangerous for you as soon as you pick up, because they may also subscribe you to various types of SMS services or generate impulses that make your phone bill to rise up quite fast, we have decided to provide you with insight on how you can use several simple applications that will certainly prevent scammers from even calling you. Let’s begin!

If you are using a smartphone, then the most automated solution is to use conventional call blocker. But traditional call blockers do require you to add numbers to your blacklist which does not do the job. This is why, we recommend using smart apps, such as Hiya Caller ID and Block. The application can block robotized calls and scam calls automatically, since it keeps an updated database of scammers. Here is how to set it up:

Step 1: Open the Hiya app in PlayStore by tapping on the button below:

Install Hiya – Caller ID & Block

Step 2: Install the application and Run It:

Step 3: Accept the terms and tap on “GET STARTED”.

Step 4: Enter your phone number and tap on Next:

Step 5: You will receive a code. Enter it and tap to continue:

Step 6: Login with your Facebook or Google account to begin:

Step 7: The app is now set up and you can now use it to call numbers via It. It will automatically remain active and hidden in the background so that once you receive a call, it will block it. The app also has settings to block private numbers as well:


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  1. AvatarScott Cooper

    I’ve heard about these scams since quite a while ago. I even find some reports have been filed since 2016 by people about same scams at https://www.whycall.me/800-531-5000.html. People should know about these scams now, since it’s not hard to identify them in this internet era. Also, keep spreading the word, especially to our family.


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