+1-855-534-8622 Tech Support - Is It a Scam?

+1-855-534-8622 Tech Support – Is It a Scam?

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This article has been created with the main idea in mind to explain what are the calls behind the +1-855-534-8622 number and show how to block this number without picking up.

A new tech support number has been detected by security experts to be associated with a tech support scam scheme. The number +1-855-534-8622 has been reported in association with fraud and fake tech support activities. It was also detected in association with the

Update! What is YOUR COMPUTER HAS BEEN BLOCKED? It is a message that accompanies quite a few tech support scams, and ransomware like Computer Locked Virus.
“Your Computer has Been Blocked” tech support scam pages that aim to lock down victims’ browsers. Read this article thoroughly to understand more about calls coming from +1-855-534-8622 and how you can block this number thoroughly.

Number Summary

Scam or LegitimateScam Call
OriginThe calls seem to originate from Microsoft, but they may actually come from Asia countries, like India.
ActivityThe scam callers pretend to be Microsoft employees and aim to get victims to pay hundreds of dollars and grant them remote access to their personal computers via TeamViewer and other apps.
Risk LevelHigh
Call Blocking ToolSee how to block calls coming from +1-855-534-8622:

What are scam calls? Which calls are scam and which are legitimate? How to automatically block (stop) scam callers before you picked up?
How to Block Scam Calls

User ExperienceJoin Our Forum to Discuss Calls.

+1-855-534-8622 Calls – More Information and Reports

If you see this number popping out on your computer screen, then it is most likely that your device may have been compromised by adware. These are programs that are not viruses, but are nearly as harmful as such and usually find themselves installed on your machine alongside legitimate free apps. The outcome of having such PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) is that you start to see browser redirections to various third-party web pages, that may lock your browser and show the “Your Computer Has Been Blocked” screen:

But these are not all the risks associated with this scam, as users on 800notes.com have also reported it to be associated with cold calling victims and pretending to be tech support and other types of callers:

23 Aug 2016 | 1 reply
i got a call from this number. the man on it said my computer was cropped should i trust him need help on this i am to of a trusting person and it get me i trouble a lot
Caller: 855 534 8622

23 Aug 2016 | 1 reply
Unless you have a service contract with a company like Webroot etc. There isn’t anyway of someone remotely scanning your computer unless you give them permission and that’s why you’re getting the call they are trying to get you to let them into your PC

marco replies to patrick
10 Jun 2017
this [***] say if i give $200 they fix my PC. my antivirus software say i dont have no virus on my computer. this [***] scam from new york because i asked him.do not trust these people.

10 Jun 2017 | 1 reply
these people are very aggressive and claim to be from Microsoft. I keep getting pop ups with a loud male voice claiming that my laptop as a virus and if I don’t contact them asap, they will remote shut my computer down. I have antivirus and even downloaded the microsoft malicious program removal tool and both programs do not detect any virus on my computer. I still keep getting these annoying pop ups saying my pc has a virus. These [***] are the virus!!! how do i stop them from harrassing me?? i called their toll free number and they said i need to give them $200 so they could fix my computer or they were going to shut my computer down. Good thing I don’t have a credit card cause these [***] sure scared me and I can’t afford another computer. they claim to be Microsoft, but if they are not, then they are a fraudulent company and need to be arrested for fraud, and harrasment.
Caller: they claim to be microsoft. the guy said they are based in new york
Call type: Telemarketer

As you can see by the sheer number of reports, these calls are not to be trusted at all. The callers most certainly are scammers and they even want victims to download malicious programs that may further infect their computers. If you receive calls by this number, make sure to not trust anything the callers say, as they will ask you to pay $200 or somewhere approximately to that amount to fix a virus on your PC that may not even exist. Furthermore, be advised that calling these scammers also means that the security of your phone bill may also be at risk since they may enrol you into SMS subscription schemes that may send you automated messages that drain money from your bill.

How to Block Calls Coming from +1-855-534-8622

If you want to block calls from this number, then you will need to do it on your smartphone. There are many applications with which you can block the number, and we have selected one of the most used of them – Hiya. Below you can find instructions on how to install the app and use it to blacklist scammers. Be advised that this app also keeps a record of millions of scam numbers and can automatically detect numbers that are hidden, such as +1-855-534-8622.

Step 1: Open the Hiya app in PlayStore by tapping on the button below:

Install Hiya – Caller ID & Block

Step 2: Install the application and Run It:

Step 3: Accept the terms and tap on ìGET STARTEDî.

Step 4: Enter your phone number and tap on Next:

Step 5: You will receive a code. Enter it and tap to continue:

Step 6: Login with your Facebook or Google account to begin:

Step 7: The app is now set up and you can now use it to call numbers via It. It will automatically remain active and hidden in the background so that once you receive a call, it will block it. The app also has settings to block private numbers as well:

How to Remove +1-855-534-8622 – Related Viruses

If you want to stop seeing the virus pop-ups on your computer, then we have set up instructions that will help you remove the unwanted program that may be displaying the “Your Computer has been Blocked” pop-ups. They have been divided in manual and automatic removal instructions and with their aid, you should be able to fix your problem permanently. Furthermore, be advised that for maximum effectiveness, security professionals strongly recommend to use an advanced anti-malware software. With such tool you should be able to automatically detect and remove all virus files, related to the program that is causing these browser redirects on your PC.


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