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$40,000 spent by Google on Chrome 43 External Vulnerability Reports

More and more enterprises are relying on external research teams to deal with security issues and vulnerabilities in a range of products. One of the latest news on the matter concerns Google Chrome. Google has recently paid about $38,330 to outside developers who had discovered a total of 37 bugs in Chrome. Six of the glitches were voted high severity risks.google-chrome

The highest amount of money – 16,337 – was given for the disclosure of the CVE-2015-1252 vulnerability.

The bug bounty wished to stay anonymous. Another disclosed bug was classified as a cross-origin bypass in the Document Object Model (DOM). The issue is known as CVE-2015-1253 and is estimated at $7,500. Again, the developer who discovered the problem is not revealed. Some researchers suspect that the two bugs were reported by the same person.

Third on the list is CVE-2015-1251, disclosed by SkyLined cooperating with HP’s Zero Day Initiative. CVE-2015-1251 was found in the Speech component in Chrome used to translate users’ audio commands. No money was spent on the disclosure of the bug.

Other revealed vulnerabilities include two use-after free errors and one more cross-origin bypass in the Editing component.

Google rewarded the independent researchers who found the last two bugs $2000. The described issues were classified as severe threats, the rest of the disclosed bugs were not considered dangerous. Bug bounties were given between $500 and $1500 for each.

Aside from the patched glitches, Google has been paying outer developers to prevent bugs from entering Chrome’s stable channel. As a matter of fact, Chrome supports several stable channels to roll updates to users slowly, as the company explains.

The receiving of new updates does not require efforts on the user’s side. The process is carried out automatically. All new changes are applied after the browser is restarted.

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