Adroit System Care PUP – WHAT IS IT + Remove It

Adroit System Care PUP – WHAT IS IT + Remove It

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What is Adroit System Care? Adroit System Care is an unwanted application, which tries to scare users in installing a full, paid version.

Adroit System Care is a PUP and malware that is being spread against computer users worldwide. Different hackers and criminal groups have created numerous versions of it that seek to confuse computer users into thinking that it is a legitimate and useful software. Infections with Adroit System Care can lead to severe computer issues including virus delivery.

Threat Summary

NameAdroit System Care
TypePUP/Rogue Application
Short DescriptionAdroit System Care is a PUP. It can lead to many system issues and further virus infections.
SymptomsComputer users may not notice any signs of infection, in some cases they might experience severe performance issues depending on local conditions.
Distribution MethodFreeware Installers, Suspicious Sites
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by Adroit System Care


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Adroit System Care PUP – Why Do I Have It and What Can It Do?

Adroit System Care is a potentially unwanted program (PUP) which takes various forms. Depending on the ongoing distribution campaign and the hacking group behind it different distribution methods can be used. A popular one is the delivery of phishing content — they can be either e-mail messages that are sent in a SPAM-like manner or custom Internet pages that are hosted on similar sounding addresses to famous companies and services.

To infect a wider range of victims the criminals may also integrate the setup code into application packages and documents. When they are started by the users the malware will be immediately downloaded to the computers. These files can be distributed over file-sharing networks, the most popular one is BitTorrent which is used to share both pirate and legitimate data. An alternative is the creation of malware browser plugins which are uploaded to their relevant repositories with fake user reviews and developer credentials. The posted descriptions will promise the addition of new features or the optimization of the programs.

When the Adroit System Care is installed onto the given computer many dangerous consequences can take place:

  • Persistent Installation — The malware can reconfigure the system so that the Adroit System Care PUP is started when the computer is powered on. This step also disables access to certain boot recovery options making the computer restore much more difficult.
  • Security Programs Bypass — The main engine can scan the memory contents and hard disk space to identify if there are any running services or programs that can block the Adroit System Care: anti-virus programs, firewalls, intrusion detection systems and virtual machine hosts. They can be blocked or entirely removed.
  • Windows Registry Changes — If any modifications are made to the Registry values the users may experience various effects: data loss, unexpected errors and stability issues.
  • Additional Malware Installation — The Adroit System Care PUP may also be used as a conduit for other threats: ransomware, Trojans, hijackers and etc.

Upon launching of the application it will present itself as an useful system utility by copying down the design and look and feel of popular system utilities. It will constantly display errors and warning messages that the system needs to be optimized and files that need clean-up. The use of “nag screens”, pop-ups and other methods in order to manipulate the victims into paying for a “full version”. Common consequences of having such programs active on a given host is the fact that it provides a false sense of security — the users think that they are protecting their systems and keeping them maintained while at the same time it is infected with malware.

Remove Adroit System Care PUP

If you want to remove the Adroit System Care unwanted software from your computer we recommend that you use a specific anti-malware software. With a such an anti-malware program, your computer will remain with a better protection and stay healthy performance-wise in the future.


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