How to Remove Easy Mac Care PUP

How to Get Rid of Easy Mac Care PUP

If you are wondering why Easy Mac Care keeps loading on your Mac and how to remove it, then read this guide to find out the answers.

easy mac care is it safe

Easy Mac Care Unwated Program

Easy Mac Care app is promoted as a tool that optimizes Mac operating systems. However, you should not expect that the app will make your Mac fast and secure. The program is categorized as potentially unwanted. This is due to the fact that it is being distributed via installers of other mainly free programs. That’s why users often skip noticing the moment of its installation. Furthermore, analysis of the behavior of Easy Mac Care suggests that it acts like a typical rogue system optimizer. It performs automatic scans that detect lots of fake or minor system issues. In order to fix detected issues, however, you should purchase the full version of the program. Programs like Easy Mac Care should not be trusted. The best for the security of your Mac system is to remove unwanted and potentially harmful apps as soon as possible.

Threat Summary

NameEasy Mac Care
TypeRogue System Optimizer, PUP
Short DescriptionGenerates fake system issues in order to trick you into purchasing its full version. Makes you a victim of unsolicited data collection and aggressive advertising. May pose danger to your Mac security.
SymptomsThe system is configured to load the app automatically. Regular scans run without your permission. homepage, new tab page and search enigne in preferred web browser are set to display a hoax search engine or redirect you to bogus websites.
Distribution MethodFreeware Installations, Bundled Packages
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by Easy Mac Care


Malware Removal Tool

User ExperienceJoin Our Forum to Discuss Easy Mac Care.

Easy Mac Care – How Did It Appear? Is It Safe?

Easy Mac Care is advertised as a useful and legitimate application. It is supposed to deliver various useful features that provide for better system performance. When you open the app you can see tools like Cache Manager, Misk Cleaner, Logs and Extra Languages. The main idea of Easy Mac Care is to detect various files and issues that may be slowing down a MacOS or endanger its security.

remove easy mac care pup stf guide

However, the very moment when you click the presented “Clean Now” button the program opens a window with its subscription plans and states that you can fix and remove detected issues only after you activate/purchase it. It’s not something unusual as many software apply this prchase model but in the case of Easy Mac Care it is better to skip buying its full version.

easy mac care rogue system optimizer price table

This potentially unwanted program does not operate as it is supposed to. Analysis reveals that it detects lots of fake issues with the goal to trick users into purchasing its paid version. In other words, Easy Mac Care is very likely to appear to be a rogue system optimizer that is designed to generate revenue for its developers. Furthermore, it is also likely that the full version of the app will push yet another PUP that may shilter into the system without your knowledge.

In fact, the full version of this app may neither speed up your Mac not make it more secure like the majority of PUPs on Mac. Examples of similar apps are the reported System Cleanup and Win Magician.

This odd behavior of Easy Mac Care potentially unwanted program is supported by variety of changes it applies without your permission and knowledge. As for the spread of such type of software, software bundles are the most preferred.

Unfortunately, there are many free apps like media players, readers, drivers, etc. that feature undesired extra apps like Easy Mac Care in their installers. That’s why you should be very careful when download and install programs on your Mac. On the one hand, you should choose wisely the websites where you download apps from. On the other hand, you should read all the details listed in the installers of downloaded apps. To protect your Mac from unwanted programs like browser hijackers and adware you should install new apps with the help of the Advanced/Custom configuration options.

Another channel of distribution is the official website of Easy Mac Care vendors as we can see from the download page:

easy mac care official download page

Once the Easy Mac Care tricks you to run its files on the macOS, it becomes able to activate specific tracking technologies. Then it starts spying on certain details that can build a profile with your online interests. By providing the collected data to its owners, they become able to launch targeted advertising campaigns and flood your affected browser with lots of annoying ads.

How to Remove Easy Mac Care from Mac

In order to remove Easy Mac Care along with all associated files that enable its appearance in the browser, you should complete several removal steps. The browser hijacker removal guide below you will show you all steps that are needed for the complete removal of the annoying Easy Mac Care hijacker. Follow them sequentially as they should be fulfilled in the presented order. If you don’t feel comfortable with the manual steps then you could navigate to the download process of an advanced anti-malware tool that will enable you to remove all harmful files with a few clicks.

In case you have further questions or need additional help with the removal process, don’t hesitate to leave a comment or contact us at our email.

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