"AppleCare and Warranty" Scam - How to Remove It from Your Mac

“AppleCare and Warranty” Scam – How to Remove It from Your Mac

This article has been created to show you how you can remove the AppleCare and Warranty Scam from your Mac and how you can make sure to stop seeing these pop-ups to appear in the future.

The “AppleCare and Warranty” scam is the type of message which is a clear indicator that scammers might be targeting you for all you’ve got. It is most likely caused by a potentially unwanted program that may cause such redirects to your browser and the end goal is to scare you into calling the tech support number, provided by the scammers. If you see the “AppleCare and Warranty” scamming messages to appear on your Mac, you should be aware that your information may be at risk and you should read this article to have a clear perspective on what this scam is, what causes it to appear and how you can get rid of it, plus try to prevent it from appearing on your Mac in the future.

Threat Summary

NameAppleCare and Warranty Scam
TypeFake Tech Support Scam for Mac OS
Short DescriptionAims to trick victims into calling a tech support number by decieving them that there is a problem with their interent security.
SymptomsShows a fake web page, pretending to be from the official AppleCare website.
Distribution MethodLikely via a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program)
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by AppleCare and Warranty Scam


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AppleCare and Warranty Scam – How Did I Get It

The message of the Applecare and warranty may appear on Mac machines which are either compromised by a potentially unwanted app that is installed or by simply being added to the computers of victims as a result of visiting a website, causing a redirect to the scamming message.

If added by an unwanted program, bear in mind that the AppleCare and Warranty scam is just the beginning, since such potentially uwnanted programs may also show other risky websites to your Mac, like:

Malicious sites that may infect your Mac.
Websites that are focused on showing you fake PayPal, Facebook, Gmail and other login pages in order to steal your usernames and passwords.

AppleCare and Warranty Scam – More Information

The AppleCare and Warranty scam is what experts refer to in the trade as “tech support scam”. The web page which users are redirected to resembles apple support and provides the following message:

Image Source: Microsoft.com

Message from Image:

AppleCare and warranty
Internet Security Damaged !!!
Call Help Desk at 1-888-621-0834
Suspicious activation detected on, your IP address due to harmful virus installed in your computer.
This virus can also damage the firewall security which can result in data loss or hard drive crash.
Call immediately on the number provided, to rectify the issue.
We have disabled your computer to stop further damages to your computer. Do not restart your computer or shutdown. It may result in data loss. Please call us immediately to fix your security and to update the service agents of your computer software.
MAC Has Detected a Malicious Virus On Your System
Do Not Shutdown Or Restart Your Computer
Contact Our Certified MAC Technicians For Immediate Assistance.

When we checked the number itself, we have established that it has been reported in association with multiple scam attempts on victims. Here is one report from several of the accumulated reports shared by victims on 800notes(https://800notes.com/Phone.aspx/1-888-621-0834):

Never call this #. It is associated with a “Network Security” scam malicious pop-up.

These types of reports are partucularly concerning because of the fact that such scams often tend to as victims to pay money or give the crooks access to their Mac. If you see the AppleCare and Warranty pop-up, do not cold call the number provided as it may result In a severe loss of information or funds. You can guess that it is a scam if the tech support “employees” ask you to pay a large sum of money in order to fix your Internet Security problem which does not exist at all.

Remove AppleCare and Warranty Scam you’re your PC

If you want to remove the AppleCare and Warranty Scam from your computer, you can try and follow the removal methods underneath to eliminate any suspicous apps that display those scamming messages on your Mac. If you fail to find such and you still see similar pop-upsto the AppleCare and Warranty one, we suggest what any security expert would suggest and that is to try and remove this scam by using an advanced anti-malware software. It will help you to remove the AppleCare and Warranty scam by scanning for the software causing it and then eliminating it from the roots plus ensuring that your Mac is protected against future intrusive software as much as possible.


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