WannaCry-Hack-Team Scam E-Mails – How to Stop and Block Them

WannaCry-Hack-Team Scam E-Mails – How to Stop and Block Them

This article aims to explain what is the !!!Attantion WannaCry-Team!!! e-mail scam and how to stop such e-mails from being spammed on your e-mail.

A new scam, pretending to be an alert regarding a new WannaCry ransomware outbreak which aims to trick victims that their computers have been compromised by the ransomware virus in order to blackmail them to pay 0.1 BitCoin in order to “fix” the situation. According to recent reports, such e-mails are a complete sham and they are not to be trusted. Read this article to understand more about the scam and how to protect yourself from it.

Threat Summary

TypeE-Mail Scam
Short DescriptionAims to trick victims into believing that their computers have been compromsied and convince them into paying insane ammounts of money to the cyber-criminals who are behind this scam.
SymptomsYou receive e-mails from WannaCry-Hack-Team.
Distribution MethodSpam bots or massive e-mail campaigns.
User ExperienceJoin Our Forum to Discuss WannaCry-Team.

!!!Attantion WannaCry-Team!!! Scam – More information

The subject of the e-mails sent ot users aims to come from the so-called “WannaCry-Hack-Team” who aim to send different messages suggesting that new ones are generated on a faily basis. So far, the e-mails look similar to the following according to recent reports:

Hello! WannaCry is back! All your devices were hacked with our program installed on them. We have developed operation of our program, so you will not be able to recover your data after the attack.

All the information will be encrypted and then erased. Antivirus software will not be able to detect our program, while firewalls will be bedrid against our unique code.

Should your files be encrypted, you will lose them forever.

Our program also permeates into the local network, erasing data on all computers connected to the network and remote servers, all cloud-stored data, and blocking website operation. We have already deployed our program on your devices.

Deletion of your data is scheduled for June 22, 2018, at 5:00 – 10:00 PM. All data stored on your computers, servers, and mobile devices will be destroyed. Devices working on any version of Windows, iOS, macOS, Android, and Linux are subject to data erasion.

In place to ensure against data demolition, you can pay 0.1 BTC (~$650) to the bitcoin wallet:1EXwemM1ijWGkEJ1v4kSUvo3f3VUP4SCd4

You must pay at the proper time and notify us about the payment via email until 5:00 PM on June 22, 2018. After payment confirmation, we will send you instructions on how to avoid data erasion and such situations further. Should you try to delete our program yourself, data erasion will commence shortly.

To pay with bitcoins, please use localbitcoins.com or other similar platforms, or just google for other means. After payment write to us: support_wc@bitmessage.ch

The scammers aim to trick victims without much experience that they will lose the files on their computers. If you see this scam, do not trust it and do not pay to these scammers. They send the e-mails massively with their primary goal being to target few people that will get fooled, because they simply do not know or have seen such scams, but the scam by itself seems to not make sense, because if someone does know how to send BitCoin, chances are they will know that this is a scam.

How to Block E-mail Scams In The Future

Ofcourse, if you see this scam, the easiest action is to delete it from your mail and forget about it. But in most cases the crooks try to send other scamming e-mails to the same addresses they did before. This is why, you will need to learn how to set up an e-mail blacklist and add the scammers to it each time. Below, you can a list of several services which you can use to block out these e-mails in the future.

How to Block Scam E-mails To Your Inbox

In order to stop spam e-mail messages, the first thing you should do is download a reputable e-mail managing software, instead of using your original mail vendor online. The main reason for this is that most e-mail managers have an active blacklist which is automatically updated on a daily basis and that list in combination with the features they offer, such as image blocking until you allow it, makes it for the perfect software to have when you open a dangerous e-mail, because you will be able to see it without any risk whatsoever, since some mails can even infect a computer simply by being opened. Here are some reputable e-mail software services which we recommend using:


ProtonMain represents a free and an open-source software which uses it’s custom e-mail, that is encrypted. So besides anonymous mail, based in Switzerland, you also receive the ability to work with it from any computer and even via online applications. The most important feature, realted to these e-mails is that even if attackers know your password, they have to battle with encryption to which only specific devices that you are using have access to. Really legitimate and reuptable service, however you have to create a new e-mail account as a downsite.

eM Client

Often voted the best email client which has support for range of e-mail providers, this service can surely make it so that you wont receive spam messages in the future as well.

Microsoft Outlook

Probably one of the easiest to use services for e-mail, often among companies, the Microsoft Outlook service is the most user friendly of the bunch even though it has had it’s issues over time, Microsoft has made sure that they warn you in case your account has been compromised.

Mozilla Thunderbird

Even though it has less security features than the other software here, Thunderbird is a great tool that aims to help you in a variety of situations, Thunderbird makes sure to remain as secure and as user friendly as possible while offering you fast and simple service.


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