BenefitSites Virus on Mac - How to Remove It

BenefitSites Virus on Mac – How to Remove It

What is BenefitSites Mac App? Is BenefitSites Mac App legitimate or a virus? How to remove BenefitSites?

remove BenefitSites Virus virus on mac stf guide

BenefitSites “Virus” App on Mac

The BenefitSites app on Mac has been classified as an adware or a potentially unwanted program (PUP). Users tend to execute it on their Mac systems without noticing the installation process. Once started on the system, BenefitSites might turn on tracking technologies that collect sensitive data and then transfer it to remote servers. The details may be misused for aggressive advertising and financial gains. In this guide, you can find more information about the nasty application BenefitSites as well as an in-depth removal guide with removal steps for all Mac operating system versions.

Threat Summary

TypePUP for Mac OS
Short DescriptionA potentially unwanted program that can compromise the system in various ways.
SymptomsAims to display various different types of advertisements on infected Macs. May begin to create various different files and objects that are hidden.
Distribution MethodVia software bundling or online advertisements.
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by BenefitSites


Combo Cleaner

User ExperienceJoin Our Forum to Discuss BenefitSites.

BenefitSites Mac App – How Did I Get It and What Does It Do?

BenefitSites can land on your Mac with the help of various different types of methods. The most common method is believed to be software bundling. This method enables developers of free programs to add potentially undesired programs as extras in their installers. When you download such an app and install it on your Mac you trigger the undesired program as well. Such free programs aim to keep the details about BenefitSites virus hidden. So you are not likely to see any details about the installation of the undesired app. The BenefitSites can also get installed on a Mac after its intentional download from some sort of a web page that is advertising it as a legitimate type of software.

BenefitSites is also known as BenefitSites virus mainly due to its shady spread methods. They all aim to trick users into installing the unwanted app on their Macs. Examples of other adware spread via the descried mechanisms are WindowMix, TechSignalSearch, and EngageSearch.

When the BenefitSites virus is installed on your Mac, it could appear as if it is some sort of an online search application. However, this app is designed to take over your web browser and change its settings. It can change your new tab page, home page and even search results. The end goal of BenefitSites virus app is to start delivering the following types of ads on your Mac:

  • Pop-ups.
  • Browser Redirect ads.
  • Online ad-supported search resutls.
  • Banners.
  • Push Notifications ads.
  • Highlighted text ads.

Furthermore, the activation of BenefitSites on your Mac leads to unsolicited data collection. Adware programs like this one activate different tracking technologies to spy on your online behavior and send data to their operators. Collected details may be either personally or non-personally identifiable. The developers of adware tend to sell collected data to third parties (sometimes cyber criminals) who misuse it to generate revenue in various other ways.

Since adware apps do not operate as promoted and cause only problems your best course of action is to focus on removing them from your Mac and ensure that it is protected against such type of apps.

Remove BenefitSites Virus App from Your Mac

In order to remove BenefitSites along with all its entries from your infected Mac operating system, you should complete several removal steps in a precise order. The guide below presents manual and automatic removal steps. In order to fully get rid of files installed by undesired programs and strengthen macOS security, we recommend that you follow all steps. Some of the files associated with BenefitSites cannot be removed manually except you are an experienced computer user. So the manual BenefitSites removal might be quite a complicated process that requires advanced computer skills. If you don’t feel comfortable with the manual steps, navigate to the automatic part of the guide.

In case you have further questions or need additional help with the removal process, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment.

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