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BoBrowser Removal Manual

Today, we’d like to present you a browser that markets itself as an “upgrade” to regular browsers. It’s called “BoBrowser” and claims to offer improved security features. Although it’s not malicious by its nature, malware specialists find it a bit intrusive and recommend its removal unless you find it truly useful.

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What Is BoBrowser?

BoBrowser is a browser claiming to offer useful features such as anti-virus protection as an upgrade to your existing browser. It looks almost the same as Google Chrome and once installed, it replaces your existing browser, and it might start displaying various unwanted pop-up ads.
Although BoBrowser is free, it finances itself is via inserting sponsored content into its search results. The problem is that websites associated with these sponsored ads, hyperlinks and banners possibly contain malicious components.
In short, the search results are altered and clicking on them is not safe. pc

How Is BoBrowser Distributed?

The browser has a website of its own where users, who believe BoBrowser could really enhance their online security, could visit in order to install it. Almost no one, however, installs that browser purposefully.

Unfortunately, in most cases BoBrowser enters your system uninvited. It’s usually bundled with other freeware you install. You may have an option to opt out of the bundling during the installation process, but most users fail to do so. As a result, you end up with BoBrowser that replaces your existing browser without your permission; alters your search results; displays unwanted ads, and redirects you to potentially infected websites, thus serving as a backdoor for additional malware to enter your system.

How to Remove BoBrowser

Malware experts say that BoBrowser’s advertised features are merely deceptive and non-existent even. That is why keeping it on your PC has no value for your system. Instead, it might annoy you and cause a threat to your computer.
With that being said, it’s best to remove BoBrowser and stick with the well-trusted browsers out there. According to the experts, BoBrowser is similar in its features to a browser add-on except its manual removal is not possible. In order to get rid of it, you must use a legit anti-virus tool that will perform a system check and will clean your system effectively.

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