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Can I Remove PressGamer(.)Com Ads and Stop Surveys?


Have you encountered a website called PressGamer(.)com? If you have visited this website and interacted with it, be alert, since you may have downloaded ad-supported software onto your system. The website may seem like a gamers’ page but in fact the company behind it appears to be a marketing one. Keep reading to make sure your computer and personal information hasn’t been compromised.

Threat Summary

TypeBrowser Redirect, Add-Supported Program
Short DescriptionPressGamer(.)com may seem like a website and service for online games but appears to be an online marketing platform.
SymptomsThe user may be redirected to pages with online surveys; as a result, targeted ads may appear in his browser.
Distribution MethodNot clear yet.
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If you have submitted your personal information (email address, credit card number, etc) on any of the pages associated with PressGamer, you should consider changing your accounts’ passwords and scanning your system via AV software. When it comes to suspicious online marketers and ad-supported programs, precaution is the best measure.

PressGamer Description. Why Is It Suspicious?

The very first thing we noticed during our research is that the website has nothing to do with online or any games. Clicking on the “Download & View Exclusive Offers” button on the page will download an .exe file – PressGamer_SetUp.exe. However, instead of downloading a games application, we were redirected to a survey page:


Instead of an application, a page with various other surveys was loaded in the browser:


What we noticed is that all of the surveys displayed to us were about health issues – depression, diabetes, heart-related problems. What we suspect is that the answers given by users may be later used in aggressive advertisement campaigns. Serving pharmaceutical advertisements will be much better targeted if based on the actual health condition of the user.

Once we answered to all of the questions concerning Internet Explorer, we were displayed the following page:


What happened after we clicked on the “Click Here to Claim Now” green button? We were redirected to this page, prompting us to sign up and leave our email address:


Even though none of the above activities are directly malicious to the system, you may still be prone to dangers associated with online scams and the abuse of your personal information. Online surveys of the kind shown above (claiming that you are a winner, etc.) are typically deployed by third parties in their attempt to acquire sensitive user data. Once acquired, harvested user data can be used in various ways. It can be shared with affiliate partners, or sold to them. What marketing affiliates are usually after is the display of targeted advertisements, and respectively, pay-per-click profit.

Of course, other scenarios related to malware actors are also quite possible. Being redirected to unknown websites from pages such as PressGamer and their affiliates hides other risks, too.

For one, drive-by downloads are associated with most dangerous malware pieces such as spyware and ransomware infections. The persistent browser hijacking and ad-supported applications that may compromise all of your browsers shouldn’t be skipped, either. That being said, the display of advertisements brought by PressGamer and their affiliates is also a possible outcome.

A Look at PressGamer(.)com’s Privacy Policy

Information Press Gamer collects include:

  • Email address, name, address, phone number, birth date;
  • If participating in offers by Press Gamer, additional information is collected such as payment information, credit information, social security number, health information, personal preferences;
  • Information such as IP addresses is also collected.

Keep in mind that any information collected by PressGamer will be shared with their third party and affiliate partners:

We will share your personal information with third parties, including but not limited to our advertisers,, and (collectively Media Network, Inc.) for any reason we choose, including without limitation for the following purposes: (1) to operate our Program (including the transfer of the information to advertisers or to third parties who maintain on our behalf a list of persons having registered with our Program), (2) to permit advertisers or other third parties to use your Information for any purpose such as contacting you by email, phone, text message, U.S. mail or any other means of communication for any purpose, (3) to confirm you have completed all of the necessary steps to receive your gift, and (4) as we are required to do by law, including to notify the IRS that you received your gift. As a result, we will transfer your Information to third parties whose privacy policies and practices are beyond our control.

How Can I Remove PressGamer(.)com and Related Ads and Services?

Even though no direct malicious activities were detected during our research of PressGamer, it may be better to navigate away from their services. Why would you want to do so? First, to protect your personal information from being collected, shared and sold to interested parties. Second, to spare your browsers from ad-supported browser extensions and aggressive advertisements.

If it’s too late and your browsers have already been targeted by PressGamer and their affiliates’ ads and products, have a look at the removal manual below. Don’t forget to install and run a strong anti-malware program that will warn your before anything access and damages your computer.

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