Game Ads Solved – How to Remove and Block Them
THREAT REMOVAL Game Ads Solved – How to Remove and Block Them

Article created to help you remove advertisements that may be caused by suspicious software on your computer.

A potentially malicious application has been reported to be associated with the online game. The game itself is a legitimate free to play mmo post-apocalyptic game. However, a program which has been roaming around the web has been reported to aggressively advertise multiple different types of third-party content including the game. However, the adds may not lead to the actual game or may cause browser redirects to third-party software as well. This is the main reason why this suspicious software should be detected and removed from your computer. If you are seeing advertisements related to that also redirect to other third-party sites, we recommend reading the article to learn more about this suspicious software and how to remove it.

Threat Summary Adware
TypeBrowser Hijacker, PUP
Short DescriptionEvery browser application which is on your computer will get affected. The hijacker can redirect you and show you lots of advertisements.
SymptomsBrowser settings that get changed are the start page, search engine and the new tab page.
Distribution MethodFreeware Installations, Bundled Packages
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by Adware


Malware Removal Tool

User ExperienceJoin Our Forum to Discuss Adware. Game Ads – How Did I Start Seeing Them

Generally, the game may be advertised online on several gaming websites. However, if you are seeing advertisements of to continue to pop-up on other websites and have clicked on those only to experience several browser redirects, some of which have nothing to do with the game, this is one possible indicator of having this adware installed on your computer. Another symptom is if your computer is extremely slow and you see random pop-ups as well as intrusive ads, after you have opened your web browser and without opening any tabs or sites.

The suspicious application itself may have slithered onto your computer system via several different methods:

  • By being bundled to installers and other third-party setups of free software you may have downloaded.
  • By being automatically installed as a result of malware that has infected your computer.
  • By being automatically set up via a program that only pretends to be your average anti virus or PC optimizer, however may be of the rogue helpers type.

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More Information about the Adware

While represents a legitimate free to play game, that is also offered in Steam, the adware may use the legitimacy of the game to get victims to click on the advertisements.

Once clicked on, these ads may result in multiple web browser redirects. Such browser redirections are generally safe, but if the suspicious software has embedded malicious web links in them, it may infect your PC with malware via a script. The infection process with the script occurs via being redirected to a URL that causes a drive-by download. This means that a file is automatically downloaded onto your computer and is executed. Such infection may bring all types of malware on your computer without you noticing it. One very important reason why this unknown software is regarded as potentially malicious and it’s removal is highly recommended.

In general, the – related adware may display a lot of other third-party advertisements, because such suspicious programs are created in order to boost traffic to multiple third-party websites. The boosted sites may also be malicious sites, it depends mostly on whether the scammers behind those adware apps have decided to make money via pay-per-click schemes or generate revenue by being directly paid by someone to advertise their programs, games and boost hoax traffic to it.

In addition to displaying various advertisements on the compromised computers, the – related adware may also be configured to obtain different information from your computer:

  • Browsing history.
  • Online clicks.
  • Online search history.

After having collected this information, the adware developers may either aggregate it and share it with other vendors for further profits or use it to target you with advertisements based on your search history. For example, if you have searched for MMO games, you may see even more ads, but if you have searched for other types of games, you may see their banners. Either way, by clicking on the banner, you compromise your computer system and increase the risk of getting infecting by malware.

Remove – Related Adware Fully from Your PC

If you want to completely remove the adware, you must think proactively and assume that the application has dropped files and registry objects on your computer. These may be located across various places of your computer, such as:

  • The registry sub-keys of your Web Browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera ,etc.).
  • The registry sub-keys of Windows Control Panel sub-key.
  • The system folders of Windows (%Windows%, %System%, %System32%).
  • The default hidden folders of your User Profile (%AppData%, %Roaming%, %Local%, %LocalLow%, %Temp%).
  • As added browser extensions on your web browser.

So, if you want to manually remove this suspicious software, you should look in all of the above-mentioned places in Windows. To best help you do that, we have created the manual removal instructions below that can make the removal process easier for you.

However, according to security experts, the fastest, easiest and most permanent method to remove advertisements from your computer is to use a specific anti-malware tool that will not only detect everything unwanted and malicious automatically, but will also safely remove it and protect you against future intrusions as well.


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