Error DT00X2 Scam (Fake Tech Support) Removal Instructions

Error DT00X2 Scam (Fake Tech Support) Removal Instructions

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The Error DT00X2 scam is an ongoing fake tech support threat which is actively spread over the Internet. The security reports showcase that the criminals behind it use various techniques in order to increase the number of affected users.

Threat Summary

NameError DT00X2 scam
TypeFake Tech Support message
Short DescriptionA classic fake tech support scam that displays an error mesage and attempts to blackmail the users.
SymptomsThe victim users will be shown a fake tech support scam message.
Distribution MethodBundled downloads, malicious scripts and other methods.
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Error DT00X2 Scam – How Did I Get It

The Error DT00X2 scam is a recently discovered fake technical support page that is spread around the Internet using different techniques. Like other common tech support scams it aims to increase the number of infected hosts by utilizing several tactics at once.

The first one relies on the spread of SPAM email messages — they usually contain social engineering techniques that can coerce the victims into interacting with a dangerous element. The advantage from the hackers point of view is that they can utilize most of the design elements of legitimate and well-known companies and services. The Error DT00X2 Scam can be inserted both into the main body contents, as well as infected payload carriers.

A common tactic is to embed malicious macros in documents, they can be of different types: text files, spreadsheets, presentations or databases. Once they are opened by the victim users a notification box will appear asking them to enable the built-in content. Once this is done the infection will follow.

As the fake tech support scams usually are displayed in browser windows the criminals can insert the virus code in application installers. They can come under various forms including installers, plugins, updates and etc. The usual way is to take the relevant files from the official vendor sites and modify them to display the Error DT00X2 scam.

Advanced infection techniques utilize browser hijackers, alternatively known as browser redirects. They represent malicious plugins made for the most popular web browsers which are spread on the relevant repositories (such as the Chrome Web Store for Google Chrome). Whenever they are accessed by a computer user an elaborate description will be shown (in some cases with videos) that will coerce the users into installing the dangerous extension. It is presented as an useful addition by promising new features or browser performance enhancements. Upon its installation the victims will have their web browser settings changed — the default home page, search engine and new tabs page will be changed to a hacker-specified address. Following this action the Error DT00X2 scam will be presented in a pervasive way.

Error DT00X2 Scam – More Information

The Error DT00X2 scam is a classic case of a tech support scam. It attempts to manipulate computer users into thinking that they have been infected by a dangerous threat or that their computer is malfunctioning in a way. The scripts can monitor the users behavior and prevent them from closing the pervasive windows. The installed web browsers will be programmed to constantly display the warning box.

The users will see an error message that may be presented in a web browser, application frame or a background image. In some cases the message can also replace the screensaver. The contents of a sample Error DT00X2 scam infection reads the following:

Error #DT00X2
Call Microsoft Technical Support at: +1-888-617-1555
Do Not Ignore This Important Warning
If you close this page without resolving issue, access to your computer will be disabled to prevent further damage to our network.
Your computer has alerted us that it was infected with virus and spyware.
The following data is at risk:
1. Facebook Login
2. Credit Card information
3. Email Credentials
4. Browsing History and Data
You must contact us immediately so our engineers can guide you through the recovery process by phone. Please call us within the next 5 minutes to prevent complete loss of your computer.
Contact Microsoft Engineer: (Toll-Free) +1-888-617-1555

Consequences of this includes further installations of software — in many cases the infected users are instructed to install remote desktop clients or other third-party software. This can be combined with an infected software carrier which can deliver other threats to the computer. They are made by taking the original setup file from the vendor download sites and including a virus code (usually ransomware).

In addition to the blackmail actions as the infections happen through the web browsers, the criminals can automatically resort to a data harvesting command. It can be programmed into extracting information in two main groups:

  • Sensitive User Data — The built-in module can be programmed to automatically search and identify strings stored on the infected computer that can expose the victim’s identity — their name, address, phone number, interests, location and any stored account credentials.
  • Attack Optimization Information — In certain cases the same engine can be configured into harvesting information that can be used to further optimize the attack campaigns. This includes a report of the installed hardware components, operating system settings and certain user-set values.

Besides the blackmail of the victim users the Error DT00X2 scam can also serve as a payload carrier itself. Installing it can lead to the deployment of viruses such as ransomware.

One of the most dangerous aspects of having it installed is the possibility to install a Trojan infection. It establishes a secure connection to a hacker-controlled server which allows the criminals to spy on the users, retrieve their files and take over control of their machines at any given time.

Having a virus installed can trigger a persistent installation of the payload or the scam script itself. This means that the malware code will be started every time the computer boots. It can also interact with any installed applications or system services by disabling them. Access to recovery menus can be removed which can make it very difficult to remove the threat using manual instructions.

Other system issues that can be triggered by an active infection is the removal of System Restore Data. The engine will search for Shadow Volume Information and Restore points which will be deleted. To effectively restore the computer a professional-grade solution needs to be used, refer to our instructions for more details on the matter.

Pop-ups, fake tech supports and other related threats may also be configured to install cryptocurrency miners. They are special scripts that execute a program that runs complex calculations on the infected hosts. The results are reported to a special server (mining pool) which sends out rewards in the form of digital currency to the hacker operators. The symptoms of infections are lowered performance as most miners utilize both the CPU and the graphics card.

Remove >Error DT00X2 Fake Tech Support

If your computer system got infected with the Error DT00X2 Fake Tech Support Scam, you should have a bit of experience in removing malware. You should get rid of it as quickly as possible before it can have the chance to spread further and infect other computers.


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