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Fuchsia – the New OS by Google Expected to Replace Android

Fuchsia OS created by Google Expected to Replace Android sensorstechforum

It’s been two years from now since Google uploaded Fuchsia online and made it public. Fuchsia is a new operating system created from scratch. It is intended to overcome some of the Android limitations. Engineers behind the project believe that within five years Fuchsia will be the system to replace Android.

Fuchsia OS – Symbol of Continuity

Fuchsia project aids to better voice interactions and frequent security updates. According to a report by Bloomberg, ”Google has begun to experiment with applications for the system, such as interactive screen displays and voice commands for YouTube.”

The system is also designed in a way to appear uniform same across the variety of devices we are using on a daily basis. At this point, there are many gadgets powered by other operating systems owned by the company but they all still feel like their own separate thing. One of Google’s goals with this project is to attain continuity between all its operating systems among which are Android, Android TV, Android Auto, Wear OS, and Chrome OS.

Furthermore, the integration of this new OS would lead to better synchronization across devices which means that all actions you perform on a Fuchsia phone will be easily implemented on another device that is running the same OS.

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As long as it’s an open source project anyone can access the code and even install it on certain devices. And for those of you who are curious to see how Fuchsia actually looks like here is a web demo version that enables you to check it out instantly from your browser.

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