Get Rid of My Secret Video Facebook Spam

A new Facebook spam of a malicious link connected with has been spreading vigorously via users. Security researchers believe that the scam itself is redistributed by malicious software affecting primarily android devices, because after clicking on the questionable spam link, the user receives redirect to a web page prompting to ‘update’ Android. Security researchres strongly advise users to back up their phone contacts and other information on external devices after which use the manuals below to factory reset their android devices. It is also advisable to change all of your passwords, especially the Facebook password.

Threat Summary

NameMy Secret Video Facebook Spam
TypeMalicious Redirect/Malicious script/Spam Bot
Short DescriptionRedirect to a fake upgrade of Android, flash player or java.
SymptomsAfter installing the malicious application the user may see posts on his Facebook profile without his consent.
Distribution MethodClicking on malicious links distributed via spam in the friend list of the user under the title ‘Check my secret video
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User ExperienceJoin Our Forum to Discuss My Secret Video Facebook Spam.
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My Secret Video Facebook Spam – How Did I Get It?

One way you may have started seeing posts that you haven’t made featuring the hxxps://request(.)blob.core(.)windows(.)net/h172/1se
web link embedded in them is by clicking on the link itself. By default if you click on the link it may react differently for every OS. We have visited it from an android device and after 5 redirects we were redirected to the following page:

Android fake upgrade

The web page displays a fake android upgrade prompt which some users may install. In reality, virus researchers are convinced that this is a malicious application which obtains permissions to many different key processes that manage the applications, the phone itself and the information in its memory. Once installed, the ‘upgrade’ may initiate scripts that give it permission to automatically post on your behalf.

My Secret Video Facebook Spam – More about It

Once installed on your device the Android ‘Upgrade’ may request and obtain read and write permissions as well as permissions to manage the installed applications of the device. The software then displays the following post:

android spam

The post itself tags the maximum number of no more than 50 users in the friend list of the profile it posts from. This is done along with the web link being repeated several times. When opened the web link starts bouncing from URL to URL and after 5 redirects it transfers the user to – the site offering the ‘upgrade’.

Even though it is not confirmed, this particular phone malware may also interact with the device`s SIM card, in a malicious way. It may charge the user a lot of money for automatic messaging service without the user`s consent.

My Secret Video Facebook Spam – What to do If I Am Infected

In case you have install this application a simple uninstall from your app manager wont cut it. You should extract all your important data from your phone on a memory stick, upload it in the cloud, back it up or copy it to your computer. Copying the data to your computer by connecting to it is not advisable since the malware may download malicious files that infect PCs and influence it in this way. The truth is it really depends but you shouldn`t risk connecting your phone to the computer before securing it. In case you do not have any other option, we recommend to install external firewall on your PC such as ZoneAlarm. If you are with a mobile device, it is best to follow the instructions here.


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