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Intego Mac Internet Security X9 Review (Illustrated for MacOS)

What is Intego Mac Internet Security X9? How does Intego Mac Internet Security X9 work? What are the features of Intego Mac Internet Security X9?

Intego develops products for Apple, which are focused mainly on security, but the company also has a lot of utility programs. The products of Intego include a variety of apps that not only remove viruses, but also improve the performance of your Mac. In this software review, we will give you insight on the security software of Intego, called Mac Internet Security X9. It includes VirusBarrier X9 and NetBarrier X9 – two tools, designed to protect your Mac. We tested them out to see if they are really as good as they claim.

App Profile

Name Intego Mac Internet Security X9
Type Mac Antivirus and Web Security
Developer Intego Inc.


Internet Security X9

Operating System MacOS
License Price Trial+Paid ($34.99)
User Experience Discuss Intego Mac Internet Security X9 in our forum.

Intego Mac Security X9 – Analysis & Experience

Intego has been in the malware fighting business since 1997, and their Mac software can be described as one of the best security programs. When we first installed the software, it added the two main components of Intego Mac Security X9:

  • VirusBarrier – this is Intego’s intelligent antivirus.
  • NetBarrier – this is Intego’s intelligent firewall for home and hotspot Wi-Fi networks, so you can rest assured that your whole home network is protected from unwanted visitors and war-driving type of hackers.

VirusBarrier X9

VirusBarrier X9 is a very interesting program and we included it in our Top 10 review of the best antivirus programs for Mac:

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The user interface of VirusBarrier X9 is very elegant and simplistic, but it does not lack advanced preferences and settings. What is particularly interesting is that the software always runs automated scans that tend to be slower, but unnoticeable in the background. These scans are always on the lookout for viruses or programs that get installed on your Mac, and they work perfectly with the real-time shield of the software. The main interface of VirusBarrier X9 is user-friendly with a lot of feedback in real-time:

VirusBarrier X9 is very easy to work with, and the scheduled scans make it easy to configure how the program as a whole works based on your requirements. It even has the ability to scan objects with low priority, too:

Another very informative element of the user interface is status of the shields in the main panel of the program. There is no lack of Advanced settings of the software, that can allow you to tinker with the program.

And the program is only the cover of the book. Its inner content is also sufficient, when it comes to security. VirusBarrier can block malware in real time almost immediately when you try to extract it from an archive:

When we tested the program with 50 viruses in a folder, already added on the Mac’s disk, it managed to catch 36 of those 50 files that included various types of malware and unwanted programs, such as hijackers, fake fixers, hoax antivirus programs. This result was far better than other software we previously tested, including Malwarebytes for Mac, ESET, Kaspersky.

VirusBarrier X9 is not very intensive on your Mac either. On our Mac Book air, VirusBarrier managed to take up to 143 MB of space on the drive with a 494 MB of RAM while scanning in deep scan and 34% from the Macbook’s CPU. The full scan time took a bit longer to complete – about an hour.

NetBarrier X9

The other tool in the Mac Security X9 bundle offered by Intego is called NetBarrier X9. This is a revolutionary firewall which is supposed to protect you at home and while you are away as well. It offers a two-way firewall protection with active monitoring and anti-spyware technologies.

The NetBarrier X9 welcomes you with a very user-friendly design:

What is very interesting about the main panel of NetBarrier X9 is the level of customizing it offers. The software can allow you to fully customize the IN and OUT connection traffic of absolutely every app using it, including itself. It also has an Incoming Data and Outgoing data monitoring system, which can show you in real time, which programs are using your internet for relaying information from your Mac. NetBarrier X9 can also block the type of connections you set it to block. For example, if an app connects to several domains, the program can either be set to ask you on each connection or directly block traffic. But do not think that it is very hard to use it, because it can simply be set to block all connections and you can only add several exceptions, which you trust.

In addition, the software is also configured to work with profile. This means that it saves your blocked domains so you do not have to do it again, when you use NetBarrier on another device. You simply have to copy and add the profile.

Not only this, but Intego NetBarrier is also smart too. It can protect you from unknown devices that you connect to or unknown sites you visit for the first time. The software is also very advanced in its Location-aware protection system of the network, based on location preferences, automatically selected for the specific place:

What We Like

  • The premium bundle contains extra programs that can improve your Mac’s health.
  • The software includes advanced settings that are easy to change and modify in a user-friendly UI.
  • Active scanning in the background that is light and unnoticeable.

What Is Missing

  • Could increase malware detection rate in archives.
  • Could increase passive scan detection rate.


Intego Mac Internet Security X9 did very good on all our tests. The program is not very heavy on the system’s resources. It has good real-time protection. The program does much better than some companies that have worked decades in the sector – something that positively surprised us. It could, however do much better in its full time scan detection of viruses that are not yet activated. Overall, we are very pleased with Intego Mac Internet Security X9 and we would definitely recommend it, if you are in search for an advanced security protection and removal software for Mac.

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