Top 10 Best Mac Antivirus for 2019

Top 10 Best Mac Antivirus for 2019

1 $59.99
50/5000:33:5634.3 MB6.4%102.6 MB See Review
Trend Micro
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39/5002:50:0034.3 MB28%119.5 MB See Review
Combo Cleaner
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43/5000:48:0310.6 MB14%372.2 MB See Review
Intego X9
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36/5001:02:00143.6 MB34%494 MB See Review
5 $34.95
27/5000:57:38167.5 MB52%167.5 MB See Review
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33/5000:07:5637.6 MB26%6.8 MB See Review
7 $30
12/5000:59:4015.1 MB24%302.3 MB See Review
8 $39.99
10/5000:55:034.7 MB23.3%179 MB See Review
9 Free
11/5000:25:0340 MB53%127.6 MB See Review
10 $39.99
5/502 Hours +142.3 MB37%160.6 MB See Review

About the Project

Mac security has become essential for antivirus companies as the number of unwanted programs and malware samples for macOS has been rising steadily. In 2018 alone we saw hundreds of samples and we noticed a sharp rise of malware for macOS. This rise has pushed the anti-malware sector to complete by striving to make better products that fight against viruses for Macs. Security companies have created extremely competitive anti-malware programs that can protect your Mac from all sorts of malware, adware and other unwanted programs.

This competitive trend gave us the idea to conduct an analysis and present to you the 10 best mac antivirus for Mac that are currently out there in terms of overall detection and value they bring to users.

The Project

For this project, the main obstacle was discovering the types of malware which are eventful, along with their exploits. This is why we decided to base our calculations on 50 malware samples, which are taken from the different types of existing threats for Mac that we mentioned above. The idea behind our analyis is to find out the actual potential of an anti-malware program to protect your system from a variety of threats. In the meantime, we also focused our research not only on how the program can protect and remove threats from your Mac, but also how it handles your security in general, and what features it can contribute to the overall health of your Mac. In addition, we also decided to create a value-driven analysis to identify how exactly a program competes in the sector, based on its marketing power.

The Malware

During our analysis, we tested exactly 50 samples of malware which contain:

  • Ransomware;
  • Backdoors;
  • Trojans.

We also tested a number of potentially unwanted programs (PUPs), such as:

  • Fake system optimizers;
  • Hoax antivirus software;
  • Fake system error fixing apps;
  • Browser hijackers and adware programs.

The malware which was used was summed up in a folder, with 50 files, all of which were tested by the 10 anti-malware programs via the following ways:

  • One test ran by dropping the folder on the Mac, without executing the malware to check the Real-Time protection.
  • One test which involved scanning the same folder extracted anew by the anti-malware program with Real-Time check disabled, to see how many of the programs were actually detected.
  • One test, involving the deliberate installation of a PUP to see if the program will block it in real time.

The total number of samples were divided and numerated, and they appear in the following way:

The samples were taken from two main places, to the publishers of which we say big “Thanks!” for making them available on the public domain:

  • TheZoo – A repository of LIVE malwares for your own joy and pleasure. theZoo is a project created to make the possibility of malware analysis open and available to the public.
  • Manwe Mac Malware – 100 recent OSX/iOS/Mac malware samples.

The full list of the malware samples we gathered can be found on the GitHub.

Be advised that this is work with LIVE malware and you should not test this at home, as it can do serious damage to your Mac. Also, be aware, that these viruses can also be made to be completely undetectable by cyber-criminals, given that they find a new zero-day exploit. Furthermore, you should be aware, that despite the undetected programs, some of them can be later detected by their behavior. Thus, this test is done to check if the programs are good enough at detecting recent virus samples, using exploits that at the time have normal to low detection ratio. If the virus is completely new or combined with a new exploit kit, it cannot be said for sure if the program at hand will be able to stop it. It all depends on how the software handles malicious behaviour and how fast it is to detect a new sample and update the other apps to be able to detect the sample before being spread to them as well.

The Reviews

Since not only the results of those mac antivirus tests matter for us, but also the value the programs can bring to your Mac, we reviewed each program separately based on its:

  • Background.
  • User Interface.
  • Security & Privacy.
  • Performance and Features.
  • Technical Specifications (Size, CPU percentage taken up while scanning or idle, RAM required while scanning vs while Idle, Full Scan Time).
  • Pros and Cons (according to our informed opinion from testing the software).
  • Final Verdict.

The Table

In the table above, we summed up our rating for the real-time protection of each individual program and we also included links to each of the individual reviews that are involved in the project. Keep in mind that the Mac antivirus programs are listed from 1 to 10 according to their:

  • Real-time protection rating.
  • Malware detection rate.
  • Total value-added rating for the end user.
  • Full scan time passed.
  • Ease of use rating of the User Interface and Settings.
To see a full review of the app you are interested in, click or tap on its name underneath.
1.Avast Security for Mac
2.Trend Micro for Mac
3.Combo Cleaner
4.Intego Mac Security X9
6. SysTweak Anti-Malware
8.Norton Security
9.AVG for Mac
10. ESET Cyber Security Pro
Honorable Mentions

Ventsislav Krastev

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