How to Remove Malware Protection Live Rogue Anti-Malware

Malware Protection Live – How to Remove Rogue Anti-Malware

Subnote: This post was originally created in September 2015, but we gave it an update in October 2019.

Malware Protection Live is a very suspicious application that pretends to protect your PC from malware and to feature a live shield. However, the reality is that this malicious application may collect information from your computer system to display different content. A lot of security experts strongly advise against installing this software on your computer, since it may be a potential hazard for it. It is reported to run an executable file that does absolutely nothing but displays a message that is difficult to close from inside of your system.

Threat Summary

NameMalware Protection Live
TypeRogue Antivirus Software
Short DescriptionThe program may look like malware protection but it is just a process with a message running in Windows Tray.
SymptomsThe user may experience computer freezes, hangs and slowdowns.
Distribution MethodBundle Packages, Website Redirects, Ad Redirects
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by Malware Protection Live


Malware Removal Tool

User ExperienceJoin Our Forum to Discuss Malware Protection Live.

Malware Protection Live – Update October 2019

Malware Protection Live keeps affecting computer systems in 2019. Like before the rogue anti-malware tool performs a scanning process in order to generate a report with numerous false positives. The moment you attempt to remove detections, the program will require a purchase of its full version. Security experts recommend that Malware Protection Live along with all associated files should be removed from the infected computer as soon as their presence is detected.

Malware Protection Live – Update July 2018

Malware Protection Live seems to continue being active even after its popularity peak in 2015 is over. The official and main domain for the distribution of this malware application is although it does not seem to be working any longer. Different users report the program to be installed on their computer machines without their knowledge. The new version of this rogue software is still called Malware Protection Live but has a new interface.

The new interface of Malware Protection Live looks like the following:

In addition, the blatant malware still uses the same tactics as described in this article, while also it still uses the same pop-up message:

Every month, millions of PCs are affected by malware and other potentially unwanted programs. Our software automatically detects and removes this malware before it’s ever even installed. With Malware Protection Live, you can enjoy the internet without the hassle and worry of unwanted software compromising your system.

You can see it from the screenshot below:

On top of it all, the following files and processes are created by this malware:

  • MalwareProtectionClient.exe
  • extensions
  • extensions_filter
  • MalwareProtectionClient.exe
  • MalwareProtectionClient.exe.config
  • uninstall.exe
  • userinfo.dat
  • 378B079587A9184B2E2AB859CB263F40_524AD1B9B08D3C6450727265AE77B7D2
  • 8EB35376744F392396307460D546222D_F2FECA4D1DFE4282782B2F73474D3AEE
  • 378B079587A9184B2E2AB859CB263F40_524AD1B9B08D3C6450727265AE77B7D2
  • 8EB35376744F392396307460D546222D_F2FECA4D1DFE4282782B2F73474D3AEE
  • Malware Protection Live.lnk

Interestingly enough, the Malware Protection Live program also creates the following registry keys:






As Malware Protection Live is a rogue software, it might create even more files varying from one operating system to another or what other applications are installed on the compromised machine. However, the software is still considered malicious as it haven’t changed its modus operandi, even in July, 2018.

Malware Protection Live – How Did I Get It?

Numerous ways exist by which this software may be situated on user systems. One of them is by opening a suspicious link. This could happen if users click on banners of suspicious sites or advertised posts on social media. More to it than that, there are particular viruses that take over social media profiles and post on their behalf. Some of those viruses may contain this application.

Another way to get it unknowingly is by downloading this application from a site you have been redirected to, thinking it is a Java or Flash Player Update. Also, you may get it if you install freeware applications that have the program included as ‘free extra’. To avoid all of those, make sure you visit and download software from only trusted websites that do not show suspicious ads and do not combine unwanted programs in installers.

More about Malware Protection Live

Once on your computer, this particular program situates the following executable file:



This .exe file may run on your system tray as a ticked icon, displaying the following message:


More to it than that, the client did not have the option to be closed in a conventional way. This is where we decided to close it out via the Task Manager. There we discovered that even though it was a simple window with two hotlinks, the process took around 9,000 K of system memory, which is the same as having an anti-malware program on your computer.

As far as we are concerned, this process may collect all types of user information from the network, including browsing history, online clicks, keystroke entries and others. And more to it than that it may share it with other parties since it is clearly mentioned in the privacy policy on their site:

malware-protection-live-personal information

Such potentially unwanted applications that are useless for the user are considered unsafe. But most antivirus programs detect them as a low-level threat, and this is why people should use advanced malware protection programs. They feature in their definitions an active shield protecting the user not only from malware but also from unwanted programs entering unnoticed on the computer.

How to Remove Malware Protection Live From Your PC

If you seek to uninstall the unwanted Malware Protection Live program manually, keep in mind that there may be some files left on your computer after manual uninstall. To completely remove you need to follow the step-by-step manual for removal below. It is also recommended to download an anti-malware program with updated virus definitions. This will make sure you remove all the dangerous files on your computer with the click of a button and protect you from any future intrusions.


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Berta is a dedicated malware researcher, dreaming for a more secure cyber space. Her fascination with IT security began a few years ago when a malware locked her out of her own computer.

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