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Man Making a Chatbot of His Mom To Communicate After Death

chatbot-mom-sensorstechforum-com-developmentIt is a fact that even the bravest people on earth think about their mother when they feel confused or scared. It is also a fact that no one is eternal, and we will all die one day.

But the chief executive officer of a company, called Humai, tech organization based in LA has started the development of an artificial intelligence software that will collect information of an individual’s chats. The aim of this program is to create artificial intelligence based on someone’s chat messages and allow you to communicate with this person.

This is known as a chat bot, and it is a very real thing. Primitive AI programs like Siri and Cortana aim to improve our daily lives by automatically responding to a message from our side.

This is what Josh Bocanegra, the CEO of Humai is attempting to do – he is recording every chat message ever to be sent from his mother so that he can input it in an AI chatbot. Not only this but the CEO and his mother are also recording many audio messages as well.

Josh Bocanegra does not reveal many details on his work, but he accents primarily on how important it is to be alive and how technology could be used to improve this aspect of our lives in a way.

So far Bocanegra has revealed that this very chatbot he is working on is leaning to respond to simple questions, like “How are you?” with different answers. The primary reason behind this is the algorithm that is being used by the chatbot which is selective and may assess different questions and how they are asked.

The chatbot can even respond to requests such as sending you a picture or other files too.


Bocanegra even offers to anyone who wants to make their chat bot for their mothers to contact him on Facebook.

According to a report at Hackread in an interview with Raymond Johansen, a journalist and activist has commented the following about this project:

“It is very exciting and could help A LOT OF people with grief. Also, it would give people goals while dying. Something to do while they wait for cancer to kill them. Prepare for death. Very exciting. Prolonging life and reducing grief.”

The technology is indeed very interesting and we at SensorsTechForum are really interested in seeing it being developed into a breakthrough. Because we all have this special someone in our lives that we cannot imagine them without and such technology may not bring them back one day, but it sure can keep the memory of their personality alive.

Screenshots source: YouTube

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