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New Anti-Ransomware Tool Prevents, Detects and Responds to Attacks

A new anti-ransomware solution has been developed by Cohesity, a privately held enterprise storage company headquartered in San Jose, California. The solution offers a set of capabilities meant to prevent, detect and respond to ransomware cyberattacks.

According to the company’s brief, the solution helps organizations effective counter ransomware:

Cohesity effectively counters ransomware attacks and helps your organization avoid paying ransom. Cohesity’s comprehensive, end-to-end solution features a multi-layered approach to prevent, detect, and respond to a ransomware attack. Cohesity capabilities stop your backup from becoming an attack target.

Ransomware continues to be a number one threat to home and enterprise users. Organizations, in particular, have to be prepared because the ransomware threat has become increasingly complex and highly targeted. According to cybersecurity experts’ estimations, global losses due to ransomware attacks are expected to jump to $11.5 billion in 2019. Legacy backup infrastructure is increasingly targeted, with ransomware operators learning to exploit common vulnerabilities in these products. One way to fight this problem is by reconsidering a company’s backup strategy and making its efficiency a top priority.

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An Integrated, Multi-Layered Approach to Ransomware Threats

As explained by Raj Rajamani, VP of product management at Cohesity, “legacy backup solutions are ineffective against today’s ransomware attacks, which have become a top concern for almost every organization.” To counter this ever-evolving threat, protection should be focused on an integrated approach combining proactive defense mechanisms, intelligent monitoring, and the power to restore massive amounts of data immediately, he said.

Cohesity‘s solution offers several layers of security that help organizations to prevent, detect, and respond to ransomware attacks:

According to the company’s brief, “Cohesity with its completely new, purpose-built file system—the Cohesity SpanFS—for secondary data and applications workloads, uniquely offers multi-layered protection against a ransomware attack”:

The following Cohesity DataPlatform® and Cohesity DataProtect® capabilities enhance protection:
– The immutable file system can take very frequent, unlimited read-only state snapshots and store them with extremely low overhead. The original backup job is kept in an immutable state and is never made accessible, to be mounted by an external system;
– Cohesity SpanFS, the file system, allows you to have a very large number of Views and clone these Views instantly with almost zero-cost in terms of storage utilization.

Unauthorized access to sensitive data is also at the heart of Cohesity’s vision, and the solution offers DataLock policies and multi-factor authentication (MFA). The solution supports a variety of authentication and authorization capabilities, such as strong Active Directory integration, MFA, access control lists, mixed-mode role-based access control (RBAC), and comprehensive system and product-level auditing.

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