What is Pop-up? Pop-up is the name of an adware app for Mac. This article aims to explain to you how to detect and remove this unwanted application entirely from your MAc.

A new virus for Mac has recently been detected to haunt Mac users. The malware is known as and it is actually what people known as a “Browser Hijacker”. The main goal of this unwanted application is to perform unwanted activities on your Mac and possibly steal information from it via using cookies and other trackers. may introduce a lot of different advertisements on your Mac and also steal data via those ads. Whatever the case of could be, we strongly recommend that you follow the removal instructions in this article. They have been created with the primary idea to help you understand more about and how you can get rid of it from your Mac.

Threat Summary
TypeRedirect for Mac OS
Short DescriptionAims to slither in the form of an app in order to perform Adware activities and/or introduce redirects that are risky on the infected Mac.
SymptomsA lot of ads plus the working actively on the computers of victims plus an added extension in Safari and other browsers.
Distribution MethodLikely via software bundling or by pretending to be a legitimate App in the AppStore.
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by malware


Combo Cleaner

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There are several methods which are used by to spread on your Mac. One of those is if you have gotten it from the AppStore. Sometimes, crooks may take advantage of the ads shown in the AppStore to slither such apps that cause redirects on your Mac. Another scenario is if is caused by an app that is bundled to another type of software. The way this works is if the unwanted software is manually added to the installer of another app. There, it may be advertised as a “free extra” or an “optional offer” to your current installation. The main idea behind this process is that you skip this step and this is how may slither on your Mac.

And one more mean of being spread is if is downloaded or visited from another site that is advertising it as a legitimate application of some sort. The main idea here is that, just like another similar app, called Secure Mac Tuneup could be falsely advertised on the web as a seemingly useful application, but it could turn out to be a headache causer.

We do not know for sure the actual purpose of, if there is any, but we do known that it could show all types of ads on your Mac:

  • Text ads.
  • Ad-supported search results.
  • Redirects.
  • Banners.

Another guess is if shows an ad or a redirect that could infect your computer with dangerous Mac malware, like a Trojan. If this actually happens, then the malware could start to perform the following virus activities:

  • Obtain passwords and AppleID.
  • Steal financial information.
  • Log the keystrokes you type.
  • Take screenshots.
  • Copy files.
  • Obtain information from your browser.

Furthermore, the redirect can also check if other devices are connected to your Mac and possibly run commands or download files that could infect them as well. could also begin to install updates of itself to remain hidden on your Mac. The main idea here is that it can be capable of downloading more files and more adware while undisturbed on your Mac. This may turn your Mac into a slow machine, which may freeze and stutter very often. This is the main reason to focus on removing from your Mac.

Remove Malware from Your Mac

To remove completely from your Mac, we would strongly suggest that you follow the steps for deletion underneath. They have been made to help you locate as well as erase all of the files and extensions that may be in relation to The main idea here is that you do the removal manually. But, be advised that threats, like could remain on your Mac even if you think they are gone from it. This is the main reason why the Mac redirect should be removed with an advanced Mac cleanup software. Such apps are designed from the ground up to scan for all files that are unwanted on your Mac and remove them entirely.


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