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Perfect Uninstaller Software Review

perfect-uninstaller_boxshot_migrate_85-boxSince most users often fall into the trap of suspicious software being installed on their computer, they face certain challenges removing it. The most frequently met issues are left over registry entries and files after uninstall. What is worse, some rogue software even prevents the administrative user from uninstalling it by using the so-called privilege escalation. This is where useful programs such as Perfect Uninstaller come in handy. We have decided to make a software review of this program just to evaluate what are its benefits over the manual removal methods.

App Profile

Name Perfect Uninstaller
Type File Deleting
Developer Nanning Qiwang Computer Co., Ltd
Operating System Windows
License Free uninstall only. License price is $34.95
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Perfect Uninstaller – Main Features

For starters, the program is relatively small, containing 35 files in the %Program Files% folder with total size on disk ~8.62 MB. When we launched it, the first feature that immediately caught our eye was the fact that it can manage your web browser plugins, not just software directly installed in Windows Programs and Features:


Besides that, the program has been simply designed with two uninstall options – conventional uninstall as well as force uninstall. And it does not allow you to use the “force” option before you have tried the conventional uninstallation. This is suitable for programs which give you the “You do not have the permissions to uninstall this software” type of pop-ups when you try to delete them.

Besides this, the program also has other features that include data backup and file restoration, a manager for the startup applications and a “1-Click Repair” function which automatically repairs icons disappearing from your start menu.


Furthermore, this program also has an active task manager, which is very well designed to show you immediately the path of every process that runs on your system. It can also stop multiple processes at once, because it has the box opt-in feature for multi-file selection.


Lets get down to the important part – how it works. When you start the uninstalling software, Perfect Uninstaller turns out to be quite thorough, which is a must for an uninstall helper. After uninstalling the program/plugin chosen, it looks for the two types of left over objects on your computer:

  • Files.
  • Registry entries.

remove-residual-registry-sensorstechforum-perfect uninstaller

After it has scanned for them, it allows you to choose even which ones to delete and which ones to keep which is very suitable if you are tech savvy:


Regarding performance, we have to admit that the software is not that light while processing data, but it is not that heavy too. This is how it appears when it comes to system resources:


Regarding its options, there is not much to discuss, primarily because they are not as many as we hoped they would be:


What We Like

There were some specific features that we liked:

  • Lightness.
  • Availability to choose which left over objects to delete.
  • Scans for registry entries and leftover files and finds them automatically.
  • Has a force uninstall option against programs that cannot be uninstalled.
  • Has backup and restoration features.
  • Has an active task manager that shows the process’s location in your drive. Also, it can stop multiple processes at once.

What Is Missing

Even though the program is good, it is not perfect. This is why we have suggested several areas that should be improved:

  • The ability to create system restore points on start up if something goes wrong while cleaning up registries and files.

  • More preferences and options to modify.
  • Uninstallation scheduling.
  • Remote uninstallation management (for system administrators).
  • A mistake in the description of the “1-Click Repair” function.


Overall and all the experience when using the software is quite satisfying, and it can save you time, especially when it comes to deletion of the registry entries. Yes, you can use methods such to find malicious files in windows and manually clean up your registry entries, and you can use programs that will delete the files. However, this software can save you time by letting you do all of those otherwise tech-savvy activities with a click of a button. So this is its main advantage, and this is why we would recommend using it.

Note: This test was performed on a Lenovo B50-70 with 64-bit Windows 10


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