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Remove Disk Optimizer Pro Instantly

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hard_diskDisk Optimizer Pro is categorized as a rogue program that promises to optimize disks. Instead of providing the guaranteed service, the rogue may consume high amounts of CPU power and may additionally install more harmful plug-ins. Disk Optimizer Pro may trick users into voluntarily installation thanks to its legitimately looking website. Instead of paying the fee of $49.99 for its full version, users should just ignore it or use a free optimization tool if such is needed. If Disk Optimizer Pro is already installed, users are advised to remove it to avoid further PC troubles.

Download a System Scanner, to See If Your System Has Been Affected By Disk Optimizer Pro.

Disk Optimizer Pro Description and Distribution Method

Disk Optimizer Pro is developed by Xportsoft Technologies, a company based in India.
The rogue optimizer pledges usefulness on its website. The developers of the program have written that thanks to its assistance you can have a detailed analysis of all executed defrag processes. The developers also state the brand new Disk Optimizer Pro ‘is armed with an industry-standard large file finder to help you search for large files on your hard drive or within different subdirectories.’ The rogue optimizer then suggests an individual decision for each one of the detected cases.
Aside from its official page, the bogus utility may also be downloaded from other third-party software websites. Another probable distribution technique is if the disk optimizer is bundled with other suspicious software products. To avoid such downloads, simply choose the advanced installation option and deselect anything unnecessary or questionable.

Disk Optimizer Pro Potential Risks

If the program is running on your computer, you may start to notice various issues on your browser. The diminished browser performance may be caused by some potentially harmful plug-ins brought by Disk Optimizer Pro. When installed, the bogus utility may also consume high amounts of CPU power. Needless to say, even if your computer was completely fine prior to Disk Optimizer Pro’s installation, your system becomes vulnerable once it is running.
Users are advised not to trust any of the detected by Disk Optimizer Pro issues. Instead they should proceed towards its removal.

How to Uninstall Disk Optimizer Pro

Disk Optimizer’s Pro website has published uninstallation steps. Even when they are followed, affected people may notice that their systems are not completely ‘healed’. Bogus optimization apps are usually bundled with additional plug-ins and browser extensions of a suspicious nature. In order to completely remove all threats, users may want to run a full-system scan via a valid anti-malware solution and delete all detected problems.
In case a manual removal is preferred, there are several helpful tips below the article.


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1. Start Your PC in Safe Mode to Remove Disk Optimizer Pro
2. Remove Disk Optimizer Pro automatically with Spy Hunter Malware - Removal Tool.

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