Mac Auto Fixer Virus - WHAT IS IT + How to Remove (Update Dec. 2019)

Mac Auto Fixer Virus – WHAT IS IT + How to Remove It

This article has been created to help explain what is Mac Auto Fixer and show you how to remove the Mac Auto Fixer unwanted program from your Mac effectively.

SIDENOTE: This post was originally published in July 2019. But we gave it an update in March 2020.

It appears that the Mac Auto Fixer program is one of those apps that aim to get you to install it while believing it will fix the performance problems of your Mac. In reality, this may not be the full case of Mac Auto Fixer, since it may show information that may not be real, such as hoax detection of errors. This is usually done by hoax optimizer programs and is an aggressive move to get you to purchase the full version of Mac Auto Fixer. If you have added this app on your Mac, we recommend that you use the information in this removal guide as it aims to help you by explaining how you can effectively get rid of Mac Auto Fixer from your Mac.

Threat Summary

NameMac Auto Fixer
TypeRogue Antivirus
Short DescriptionMay pretend to have discovered errors on your Mac but in reality might only want you to purchase it’s full version and uses your Mac security as a reason.
SymptomsMay run automatically and initiate system scans automatically on your computer.
Distribution MethodBundled downloads. Web pages which may advertise it.
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by Mac Auto Fixer


Combo Cleaner

User ExperienceJoin Our Forum to Discuss Mac Auto Fixer.

Mac Auto Fixer PUP – Ways of Distribution

The primary distribution method used by this app is believed to be software bundling. This bundling process may include the installation files of this program alongside the installation files of another Mac software, such as your regular freeware app you may have downloaded from a third-party site.

The bad news here is that these bundling operations may not be as easy to spot as it seems, because it’s installation prompt is usually concealed in the “Custom” or “Advanced” installation mode of your current installer, where the software is advertised as a useful free app to be added “as an optional offer”.

According to most recent reports, Mac Auto Fixer can be seen to be bundled alongside other applications that have been pushing it and also on pages that may trick victims that their Mac is compromised and they should download Mac Auto Fixer immediately:

Mac Auto Fixer – Activity & Purpose

After this unwanted software has been added on your Mac, it may automatically run a scan, which usually results in multiple different detection prompts of errors. But this is not all, because besides detecting performance issues on your Mac, the Mac Auto Fixer program may also falsely report spyware and Trojan threats on your Mac, thus deceiving you into believing that your Mac is currently at risk:

But this is not all, because the program may also pretend to find the following issues on your Mac;

  • Duplicate files.
  • Disk usage files.
  • Failed downloads.
  • Flash player issues.
  • System issues.
  • Memory issues.

Is Mac Auto Fixer a Virus?

Many users suppose that their system has been compromised by a Mac virus when they first notice the presence of Mac Auto Fixer on the device. The truth is that this program is categorized as a potentially unwanted program that sneaks into Mac operating systems with the goal to apply certain undesired changes and then start generating annoying pop-ups, sponsored content and other types of ads. The program may be really persistent and hard to detect as well. Just like a typical malware. Add its attempt to scam users into purchasing its paid version by detecting fake issues and it becomes not less dangerous than malicious software.

After doing a checkup of the software, we have detected it to have something in common with another program of it’s type, which is known by many as

Mac Tonic, whose goal is to also display hoax detections in order to convince victims to order it’s full version, that costs a ton of money:

The Mac Tonic program it resembles takes the user to a payment page, where the program has an automatic subscription, draining victims’ wallets:

But Mac Auto Fixer does not stop there, because the program may also have a shady privacy policy as well, claiming that in some cases, personal information may be collected by Mac Auto Fixer by users. And this information may include your credit card details once you opt in for a full version, so we strongly suggest that you refrain from doing that and if you have already, to change your financial credentials immediately.

Other risks have also been reported by victims in relation to Mac Auto Fixer, such as:

  • Difficulty to close this program.
  • The program runs whenever it wishes in an intrusive manner.
  • Mac Auto Fixer may request weird permissions from your Mac that are privacy-invasive.
  • Removing it by “trashing” this program does not seem to give any results.
  • Clicking on the “X” does not seem to close Mac Auto Fixer./span>

Furthermore, Mac Auto Fixer may be masked as a legitimate tool that is spread by Apple, but if you see its name anywhere on your Mac, we strongly suggest that you take the appropriate measures towards Mac Auto Fixer’s removal. The main reason for that is that the program may be related to other unwanted programs on your Mac that may be causing other issues in the future, such as:

  • Displaying pop-ups.
  • Causing browser redirects.
  • Showing Yahoo or other redirect pages that contain third-party ads.

How to Remove Mac Auto Fixer Virus

Before starting to perform any removal of this program, we strongly recommend that you backup your files. The main reason for that is that you cannot fully trust this app, because it’s removal may lead to instability on your Mac in terms of performance. This is why it’s best to be safe.

To remove Mac Auto Fixer, we recommend you to follow the removal instructions underneath this article. They have been made with the main idea to assist you in trying to remove this software manually. If that does not seem to work, be advised that most security experts recommend using an malware cleanup program. Such anti-malware tool will scan your Mac for all of the unwanted files of Mac Auto Fixer and it’s related programs and make sure that you no longer see this app on your Mac.

Bonus: Video containing step-by-step removal and file recovery instructions for threats, like Mac Auto Fixer:


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