Mac Speedup Pro “Virus” – How to Remove It (Update December 2019)

Mac Speedup Pro “Virus” – How to Remove It

This blog post aims to explain what exactly is Mac Speedup Pro . Below you will also find a thorough Mac Speedup Pro virus removal.

Update November 2019. A new hoax optimizer for Mac computers was recently detected by security professionals. The program, known as Mac Speedup pro aims to pretend that your Mac has hundreds of issues so that you pay for Its licensed version to optimize them, without offering any demonstration what so ever. Users have also reported that they ran the software on healthy Macs and despite that it also seemed to detect problems on the Macs in question. The bad news here is that instead of being useful, the program aims to get you to type in your credit card details in order to buy the full version. If your Mac has the Mac Speedup Pro PUP added to it, we would recommend that you read this article thoroughly.

Threat Summary

NameMac Speedup Pro
TypeHoax Optimizer for Mac OS
Short DescriptionClaims it can speed up your Mac’s performance by eliminating errors and junk files, but may also display hoax detections to get you to purchase it’s full versions.
SymptomsRuns automatically when you start your Mac and displays automatic scans. May often show you errors even if you have fixed your Mac.
Distribution MethodVia the website of Mac Speedup Pro or via Software Bundling.
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by Mac Speedup Pro


Combo Cleaner

User ExperienceJoin Our Forum to Discuss Mac Speedup Pro.

Mac Speedup Pro – Update November 2019

macOS users are still complaining about having the Mac Speedup Pro program installed without their consent. Users report having an icon for Mac Speedup Pro in their launchpads, as well as on the task bar. As a result of having the PUP installed on macOS, multiple intrusive pop-ups can appear on a daily basis. To remove the PUP associated with the scam pop-ups, scanning the system with an anti-malware program may be required.

Mac Speedup Pro – Update October 2019

Judging by the number of users’ complaints over security forums, the number of bogus system optimization utilities such as Mac Speedup Pro has been increasing steadily. Here are other programs similar to Mac Speedup Pro that users should be aware of:

Mac Speedup Pro – How Did I Get It? What Is Mac Speedup Pro?

The primary method by which the Mac Speedup Pro is replicated onto the victim computers has been reported to be conducted via multiple different types of methods. The main method of those is via a website, that may advertise the Mac Speedup Pro software as a useful speedup utility for Macs. The program’s main idea is to convince you that the program can be of great use to you and you can benefit in the long term. The website is often well designed and also aims to convince users that their Mac might be slow as well, all of which is done to get the average user to download and run a scan with the app.

Another mean often used for the distribution of Mac Speedup Pro is to replicate the program by adding it to the installers of other third-party applications. You may see Mac Speedup Pro to be installed somewhere in the Custom or Advanced setup mode of a program you may have recently added to your Mac, like your favorite file converter, media player or any other type of often used software downloaded from third-party sites. If encountered, the installation step presents Mac Speedup Pro as a useful speed up utility for Macs that can clean up junk files and free up space on your Mac to speed it up – an often met problem with some low-end Macs.

Mac Speedup Pro – More Information

The Mac Speedup Pro is the type of software which supposedly should enhance Mac computer performance by detecting any present system issues and providing you the chance to fix them. However, it is also categorized as a potentially unwanted program.

When installed Mac Speedup Pro begins to run automatically whenever you start up your Mac. In addition, the Mac Speedup Pro may also begin to start automatic system scans and detect multiple different types of system errors and may also detect viruses:

Furthermore, the program promises the following extras to users:

  • Detection and viewing of unused and junk files.
  • Managing apps with a built in app manager.
  • Managing startup boot time.
  • Removing duplicate and large type of files.
  • Day and night tech support.

The program, however, may mislead users by detecting errors on their Macs that some believe, may not be errors at all and this is usually done only to convince users to purchase the licensed version of this program. And in the course of that, they may contain suspicious privacy policy practices that may allow the creators of Mac Speedup Pro to obtain your credit card details and enroll you into a scheme that will drain money from your bill. So be very careful as to what software you add on your Mac and always do a check-up on a program before installing it.

How to Remove Mac Speedup Pro Virus from Affected Mac

If you are gunning for deleting this program and you find it challenging, since this unwanted app is persistent, you can remove Mac Speedup Pro by following the removal steps that are underneath this article. They have been created with the primary purpose to assist you in deleting this unwanted program either manually or automatically. This is done so that if the manual removal steps do not seem to have any effect and Mac Speedup Pro remains on your Mac, you can still remove it from the roots, using an advanced virus scanner for Mac. Such program aims to automatically scan for and detect all Mac applications that might be dangerous for you.


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