Qbit Speedup Pro PUP - Remove It Now

Qbit Speedup Pro PUP – Remove It Now


What is Qbit Speedup Pro? Qbit Speedup Pro is an unwanted application, which tries to scare users in installing a full, paid version.

Qbit Speedup Pro is considered to be a potentially unwanted program (PUP) as it is bundled with other software and can get inside a computer system without the knowledge or permission of the computer’s owner. The company is tied to applications which are considered PUPs and is also known to put different advertisements in their products to promote other software they have developed. Adding to that, scare messages might appear trying to trick users into installing other PUPs. If you have Qbit Speedup Pro installed on your machine, then know that pop-ups and alert notifications that have no obvious source might be stemming from this software.

Threat Summary

NameQbit Speedup Pro
TypePUP/Rogue Application
Short DescriptionQbit Speedup Pro is a PUP. It is known to be bundled with other unwanted software and it could come with applications which put various advertisements and scare messages, trying to trick you to install more apps.
SymptomsPop-up boxes, messages, and alerts appear on your computer. You are being lied to that there are viruses on your system and that you need to install a removal software within a given time frame.
Distribution MethodFreeware Installers, Suspicious Sites
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by Qbit Speedup Pro


Combo Cleaner

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Qbit Speedup Pro PUP – Why Do I Have It and What Can It Do?

The Qbit Speedup Pro unwanted application is being effectively distributed via freeware installers and bundled packages. You can get your computer affected by it without even being aware, that the application has installed on your machine with a freeware installation or bundled package. You might avoid this, by unchecking options under the Advanced or Custom tab of an installation suite. Visiting suspicious sites, for instance the site of the Qbit Speedup Pro PUP, might get the program installed.

Qbit Speedup Pro is a potentially unwanted program (PUP) known to show advertising pop-ups. It is known to have been connected to lots of applications which are considered PUPs and also pushes advertisements along via other applications.

Qbit Speedup Pro could show a reasonably convincing, but fake variant of the normal error messages. The fake message box links to its official website. Such programs can actually slow down your computer and ask you to opt in for a full version of the programs to allegedly fix computer problems found.

In the screenshot down here you can see the GUI interface of the program:


This message tries to trick many users, with scare tactics, into installing more junk on their machines.

Remove Qbit Speedup Pro PUP

If you want to remove the Qbit Speedup Pro unwanted software from your computer we recommend that you use a specific anti-malware software. With a such an anti-malware program, your computer will remain with a better protection and stay healthy performance-wise in the future.

Tsetso Mihailov

Tsetso Mihailov

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