Disk Speedup 3.0 – WHAT IS IT + How to Remove It

Disk Speedup 3.0 – WHAT IS IT + How to Remove It

What is Disk Speedup 3.0? Is Disk Speedup 3.0 a virus or is it safe? How to fully remove Disk Speedup 3.0 from your computer.

Disk Speedup 3.0 is another potentially unwanted program, developed by SysTweak software in order to generate them profits by promising that it will speed up your disk and fix hundreds of errors it claims that you have on your computer. Disk Speedup 3.0 is the type of software that is not malicious, but it may show a lot of pop-ups and hundreds of allegedly hoax detections plus slow down your computer. Not only that, but Disk Speedup 3.0 may also contain misleading practices on how it is being sold and pushed onto computers. If you have Disk Speedup 3.0 on your computer, we suggest that you read this article.

Threat Summary

NameDisk Speedup 3.0
TypePotentially Unwanted Software
Short DescriptionClaims it may speedup your HDD or SSD, but actually shows hundreds of allegedly false detections only to scare you off into buying its full version.
Symptoms Disk Speedup 3.0 may run automatically and show hundreds of error detections. May also show pop-up next to your desktop clock asking you to buy the full version.
Distribution MethodVia being sold in a bundle alongside other SysTweak software or by being downloaded from third-party software download sites.
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by Disk Speedup 3.0


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Disk Speedup 3.0 -How Did I Get It and What Does It Do?

Disk Speedup 3.0 can be downloaded from some third-party software providing websites, where you can find bunch of programs for free download at one place. The unwanted program is made by SysTweak, which also means that it is often pushed each time you make a purchase of a SysTweak program as a useful tool to optimise performance:

Another way via which Disk Speedup 3.0 can slither on your computer is by being added to the setup of another program, somewhere in the installation steps. There, Disk Speedup 3.0 may be offered as an optional offer or a useful free extra to the current installation. The bad news is that Disk Speedup 3.0 may not be a program that is neither free nor useful by far.

Once Disk Speedup 3.0 is on your computer, it may immediately detect errors and issues that might be slowing down your drive:

The program does this to get you to make a purchase of it via SysTweak’s website. The bad news is that you cannot use Disk Speedup 3.0 unless you pay money, which does not make it exactly useful.

Furthermore, Disk Speedup 3.0 may also show pop-ups and perform other tactics only to get you to make a purchase, including adding a “tech support” phone number – +1-800-963-9334.

This phone number may contact you to some tech support guy that may further ask you to upgrade to the full version of the program. While Disk Speedup is strongly oriented towards getting people to pay, experts outline that it is questionable if the detected items it shows are real and if the tool really does what its supposed to. This is why, the removal of Disk Speedup 3.0 is strongly recommended.

How to Uninstall Disk Speedup 3.0 Completely

If you want to make sure that Disk Speedup 3.0 is gone, you can follow the removal steps underneath. They are made so that you can try to remove the Disk Speedup 3.0 software manually via steps 1 and 2. However, if manual removal does not seem to help you out and Disk Speedup 3.0 comes back on your computer, which is very possible, then you should use professional anti-malware software to remove it. According to experts, installing such malware removal software and scanning your computer with it, not only fully and safely removes Disk Speedup 3.0, but may also secure your PC against such programs in the future too.


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