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Remove Redirect Completely redirect removal guide

This removal guide provides detailed instructions how to get rid of redirect. You will find help how to remove from all affected browsers and the PC. redirect invades commonly used browsers so it can appear while you are browsing online. It may set its domain as a homepage, new tab page and its search engine as a default one. All operations run through services expose you and your system to further security-related issues. The company that owns this dubious search engine is famous for the creation of numerous browser hijackers. Mindspark distributes its services via shady methods so it can collect personal and non-personal information from online users and make money in exchange for its disclosure.

Threat Summary
TypeBrowser Hijacker, PUP
Short DescriptionAll browsers on your computer could be affected. The hijacker will redirect you and filter your search queries. redirect alters the homepage, search engine, and new tab settings. A browser extension and a toolbar can be added, as well. You can see targeted advertisement content.
Distribution MethodFreeware Installations, Bundled Packages
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by


Malware Removal Tool

User ExperienceJoin Our Forum to Discuss – Ways of Delivery

One of the main ways for redirect distribution is via compromised setups of free apps. The freeware offered in various torrent pages, stores and web pages often come with bundled setups that enable the installation of potentially unwanted programs by default. Thus if you pass through the installation process without paying attention to its additional components you grant access to such PUPs to your system. Then the suspicious website starts to appear each time you launch a new browser session. That’s why can be classified as a typical browser hijacker that sneaks into the system so it can force you to use its services.

It is likely that can affect commonly used browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and other. – In Detail

Once redirect grants its access to the system it can initiate a sequence of modifications that affect essential browser settings and Windows registry keys. As a result, you start noticing its suspicious domain during online browsing sessions. It usually sets the homepage and the new tab page to display its website that is showed below: redirect homepage new tab default search engine stf

In addition, it replaces the default search engine with its own one forcing you to use its services so it can record certain data about you and your online habits. Even though its search engine is “enhanced by Google” as stated next to the search field, the Mindspark company is likely to modify the service so its owners can generate money revenue from their product. Thus the presented results may be flooded with a lot of hardly unnoticeable advertisements of third-party providers or company partners.

The plain design of redirect may mislead you that its services are useful and secure but then you may notice frequent slowdowns and a lot of annoying advertisements of all kinds. Actually, the presence of in your browser can diminish significantly your browsing experience.

Furthermore, the hijacker may install and enable a browser add-on so it can ensure a persistent presence on your system. – Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy of can be accessed by the bottom navigation bar on its homepage. It reveals that the company owner and most probable developer of redirect is Mindspark. Actually the same company is known for the ownership of plenty other browser hijackers like SmartEasyMaps, GifaPalooza, VideoConvert and many others.

According to this Policy, the company obtains this information from you:

  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Email address
  • Number of your page views
  • What links you clicked
  • Telephone number
  • Your login times

The following quote from the Privacy Policy reveals that the Mindspark company allows third-parties to collect information and use it for behavioral advertising:

We may allow third-parties, including our authorized service providers, IAC affiliates, advertising companies, and ad networks, to display advertisements or place ad tags or beacons on or via MS Services. These companies may use tracking technologies, such as cookies, to collect information about users who view or interact with their advertisements.

The policy states that if you used any service associated with and Mindspark, including toolbars and applications, will automatically be considered as your approval for personal data collection. In case you want to regain your online privacy and security you should remove the unwanted software as soon as possible.

Remove Totally from Affected System

If your browser and system are infected with redirect you should remove all files and objects associated with it to regain online security and privacy. For the purpose below you can find removal instructions that will help you to remove from all affected browsers and the system. The help of an advanced anti-malware tool is recommended for maximum effectiveness. Such program will identify all leftovers, remove them efficiently and keep the computer safe in future.

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Gergana Ivanova

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