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Remove Searchgol(.)com Redirects

remove-searchgol-redirects-sensorstechforumA hijacking software associated with the highly suspicious search engine Searchgol(.)com has been reported on user PCs, by researchers. The software is regarded as a Potentially Unwanted Program, and it may collect personal information form the user as well as share it with third-parties via the search engine itself. In addition to this, the software also heavily displays “clickbait” type of advertisements on the user PC making the computer slow and driving traffic via redirects for profit. Users who see their home page changed to Searchgol(.)com are strongly advised to remove this software from their computers, instructions for which you will find if you read this article thoroughly.

Threat Summary

NameSearchgol(.)com Redirects
TypeBrowser Hijacker, PUP
Short DescriptionThe program modifies various settings on your PC, including the browser homepage and new tab page. You will see advertisements when you browse, generated from it.
SymptomsSets a custom browser homepage, new tab and search engine.
Distribution MethodFreeware Installers, Bundle Packages
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by Searchgol(.)com Redirects


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Searchgol(.)com Browser Hijacker – How Does It Install

Software such as the Searchgol(.)com PUP usually may install without the user even noticing it. One method for this to happen is via the so-called bundled installers. Such installers belong to programs that are widely downloaded like users’ favorite program for DJ-ing or watching movies, for example. Such programs are usually available for free download at some third-party websites that provide a lot of freeware at one place. To make money some shady third-party sites use an aggressive strategy and add all types of programs including the Searchgol(.)com browser hijacker that may be hidden in the form of a useful browser extension or a program in one of the installation steps of the installers. This is why experts often advise users always to choose the official websites from which to download and install such free programs.

Searchgol(.)com PUP – More Information About It

There is a lot to be written about this unwanted program. For starters, as soon as it is installed on your computer, it may immediately begin modifying your web browsers, no matter if they are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer. As soon as it does that, your home page or new tab page (or both) begin to look like this:


The search engine Searchgol(.)com is regarded as highly suspicious because for one it does not support HTTPs encrypted connection – a feature that is necessary and typical for search engines. In addition to this, we discovered multiple cookies that track user information and here is where the situation became interesting:


In addition to the cookies used by Searchgol(.)com another symptom of it being primarily oriented to display ads to users, boosting traffic to another page is the displaying of ad-supported search results. The suspicious search engine showed the whole 1st page of search results with ads:


Not only this but funnily enough, the search engine is associated with the notorious Babylon search – a company known to have a vast network of such suspicious search engines used by the unwanted software. Also, when it comes to this very Privacy Policy, the creators of this search engine first claim they do not collect personal information:


However, even more amusingly enough, later on in the privacy policy they state that they may do exactly the opposite to not collecting your details:


Such unwanted programs are known very well by malware researchers, and they are usually spammed a lot to affect as many systems as possible. This is because the creators of programs like the one that may set Searchgol(.)com as your home page use the advertisements on it’s home page to make a profit via pay-per-visit redirects. This particular search engine causes browser redirects via the following affiliate service when you click on one of the “clickbait” banners under the search bar:

earnify-redirect-link-search-gol-sensorstechforumClick to enlarge.

Searchgol(.)com Hijacker – Removal Instructions and Conclusion

As a bottom line, this software has no business on your computer, and you should focus on removing it as swiftly as possible.

For maximum effectiveness during removal of the Searchgol(.)com browser hijacker, we advise you to follow the removal instructions which we have prepared for you below. In case you are still experiencing advertisements and the symptoms in the information table below, we advise you to download an advanced anti-malware program which will surely take care of the Searchgol(.)com PUP from your computer and protect yours from future threats.

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