Remove Pop-Ups

Remove Pop-Ups

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Are you seeing pop-ups in your browser? If yes, you may have installed a potentially unwanted program with adware capabilities. Or you may have visited a suspicious website where you clicked on a link or an ad. This may have initiated the addition of an unwanted browser add-on which is generating the pop-ups.

This article will give you more information about the suspicious website, and what to do to get rid of the associated pop-ups.

Threat Summary Pop-Ups
TypeAdware, PUP
Short is a suspicious domain that is associated with the generation of intrusive pop-ups.
SymptomsYour web browser begins to display various types of online advertisements.
Distribution MethodBundled downloads, Suspicious websites
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by Pop-Ups


Malware Removal Tool

User ExperienceJoin Our Forum to Discuss Pop-Ups.

More about Pop-Ups is a suspicious domain that is promoted as a website for dating and affairs. The website is prompting users to “choose an anonymous non-identifiable scree name of your choice. Any identifiable personal information (name. address, phone, etc.) will be automatically refuse to ensure your 100% anonymity.” The very first thing that you probably noticed is that these sentences are full of typos and grammar errors.

These mistakes are a clear indication that whoever is behind this domain doesn’t really care about building good online reputation. To add to that, the website lacks a security certificate, as visible by its URL address

So, if you’re seeing pop-ups in your browser, perhaps you have visited an adult website or some other suspicious website. Users are reporting that these pop-ups may display adult content, and are urging them to follow fake profiles for further interaction. Needless to say, interacting with any of the content stemming from is not considered safe, as it may lead to further computer security issues.

The pop-ups may be considered a “virus” due to their sudden, unwanted appearance. In fact, these pop-ups are not really a virus. The appearance of any unwanted pop-up ads is usually a result of an unattended installation of a potentially unwanted program with browser-hijacking capabilities.

It’s very likely that you may have installed an extra (bundled) app along with a recently downloaded program. A way to prevent installing undesired apps is the Advanced/Custom installer option as sometimes it reveals the presence of PUPs and enables you to opt out their installation.

In the event that pop-ups are caused by an unwanted program such as adware, browser extension or browser hijacker, it is very likely that you will start noticing a lot of other annoying online advertisements.

Also, keep in mind that the pop-ups may lead to changes of your browser’s settings. This could result in having your home page or new tab pages altered. These pop-ups may also generate further suspicious behavior such as:

  • Redirects.
  • More Pop-ups.
  • Banners.
  • Push Notifications ads.
  • Highlighted text ads.

Finally, the ads that are displayed by your computer may lead you to pages that contain tracking technologies, such as cookies, pixels, tags, geo-locators.

How to Get Rid of Pop-Ups

To remove the pop-ups, it is strongly recommended that you follow the removal instructions below. They have been created with the main idea to help you delete the browser extension or PUP that is causing the pop-ups either manually or automatically. Be advised that if you want maximum effectiveness, using an anti-malware program is a great option.


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