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Remove Websearch(.)fastsearchings(.)info Browser Hijacker

websearch-fastsearchings-sensorstechforum-main-pageWebsearch(.)fastSearchings(.)info is a suspicious domain associated with one or more browser hijackers that may be installed on the computer displaying it. The suspicious host is also observed to collect user data via tracking technologies and also contain suspicious advertisements leading to either scamming or dangerous third-party websites. In case you are experiencing system slowdowns or freezes and online advertisements it is most likely caused by this browser hijacker. Recommendations are to remove immediately.

TypeBrowser Hijacker
Short DescriptionThe domain may do various dangerous or unhealthy to the PC activities and advertise dangerous websites.
SymptomsThe user may witness fake “Java Update” type of adverts that lead to downloads or scamming sites as well as redirects to other potentially harmful domains.
Distribution MethodVia other PUPs, installed by bundlingor by visiting a suspicious third-party site that is advertising it.
Detection ToolDownload Malware Removal Tool, to See If Your System Has Been Affected by Websearch(.)fastsearchings(.)info
User Experience Join our forum to discuss Websearch(.)fastsearchings(.)info.

Websearch(.)fastsearchings(.)info – How Did I Get It

You may already know how you have gotten this software, because this is a very well known and widespread technique. It is called bundling and almost every browser hijacker uses it. Websearch(.)fastsearchings(.)info may be set up by the so-called helpers via this bundling method. Here is how it works – while installing a free program downloaded online , the installer may contain an installation step which is basically an advertisement that may prompt the user to either “Accept” or “Decline” Websearch(.)fastsearchings(.)info browser hijacker as a free extra.

Another method of distribution this program is likely to assume is advertising its installation URL via referral spam or other spamming techniques. Once users click on the URL they may encounter a prompt to add the software to Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer or the download of the program’s installer for the computer may directly start.

Websearch(.)fastsearchings(.)info In Detail

Once the program has been installed onto your computer it may create multiple files in the %Program Files% and several other key Windows folders. Once there, it may assume control over your web browser’s application. From there the software might set Websearch(.)fastsearchings(.)info as a new tab page and homepage of your browser. The software then may begin to display the following types of advertisements:

  • Banners.
  • Pop-up ads.
  • Highlighted text adverts.
  • Ad-supported search result.

The search engine Websearch(.)fastsearchings(.)info is reported to be hoax, because of several key factors. One of them is that it immediately redirects to google when you search something through it. Furthermore, the searching site’s security profile looks very bad and is highly untypical for search engines:


Not only this, but “the Company” whoever they may be, have presented a suspicious Privacy Policy claims, connected to using Cookies, Web Beacons, Data Logs, Web Logs, Data Usage and the sharing of information related to them:


When we analysed two of the various advertisements posted on Websearch(.)fastsearchings(.)info, it was established that they led to either scamming websites or websites that offered the download of rogue software, detected as unwanted by VirusTotal:


The bottom line for this suspicious search engine and the browser hijacker using it is that they are part of large dark advertising networks. Such cyber-scamming networks aim to drive hoax traffic to websites, like the ones in the figure above with two main goals:

  • Scam users out of their money or information.
  • Infect the user PC with malware.

Since conventional AntiVirus software does not detect low-level threats because they are not directly dangerous to the computer, it is advisable to use advanced anti-malware software and remove this program after which reset your browser.

Remove Websearch(.)fastsearchings(.)info

In order to uninstall this software manually and easily, you may want to try the removal instructions below. In case a conventional uninstall does not work and you believe that there are other unwanted programs as well as malware on your computer as a result of this, it is advisable to scan it. The recommended software for this is any advanced anti-malware program which is oriented towards the removal of PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs).

Delete Websearch(.)fastsearchings(.)info from Windows and Your Browser

1.Remove or Uninstall Websearch(.)fastsearchings(.)info in Windows
2.Remove Websearch(.)fastsearchings(.)info from Your Browser

Remove Websearch(.)fastsearchings(.)info automatically by downloading an advanced anti-malware program.

1. Remove Websearch(.)fastsearchings(.)info with SpyHunter Anti-Malware Tool
2. Back up your data to secure it against attacks related to Websearch(.)fastsearchings(.)info in the future
Optional: Using Alternative Anti-Malware Tools
NOTE! Substantial notification about the Websearch(.)fastsearchings(.)info threat: Manual removal of Websearch(.)fastsearchings(.)info requires interference with system files and registries. Thus, it can cause damage to your PC. Even if your computer skills are not at a professional level, don’t worry. You can do the removal yourself just in 5 minutes, using a malware removal tool.

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